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Thread: AmanFX Trading Analysis for Currencies and CFD

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    I feel kinda weird that a lot of members that post in this thread got banned. Anyway, GBP/USD price surely stuck around supply area but that is nothing too big. We just need to understand that is over the middle term. Most likely they have been retracing the downside move after the Brexit call. The price before already went that low since the condition is already being priced in the market. Nothing can be done too much about that.

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    Based on my trading strategy and analysis, we should only seek a purchase order in AUDUSD and then it will be true. This pair is spread over daily charts and I want to buy limited order feasibility during a frequent chart. Please give us the same concept of our daily chart before further explaining my trading strategy
    This is my daily chart

    You can see in my daily chart, going on to create limitations to buy AUDUSD, I agree 100% that this pair will only play this year

    Let's shorten our deadline
    I want to analyze trading percentages and order order only, so this is my test

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    Your analysis is quite good as explained but i have love to re analyze and confirm whatever is your prediction on any currency pair with my own strategy.Why am i saying that is because i have followed the analysis of other traders in time past thinking they have predicted it right and eventually fall victims of their poor analysis.

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