How to clear all indicators quickly and easily?
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Thread: How to clear all indicators quickly and easily?

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    How to clear all indicators quickly and easily?

    I always entry when the market is oversold / overbought on H4 or higher, even when I was wrong in predicting and my position against the market trends I am looking for a new signal to take a new position in the same direction with the first position. Close position when I gain profit, close one by one or close all. Depending on market conditions, usually all clear between 1 to 7 days, do you think I amI have this problem with Metatrader 4 where if I plot too many indicators, I end up with some that can't be cleared. How I clear indicators. I right click on the screen and select either "indicator list" or "objects". Then i just highlight one of the ones listed and click delete until there are no more present. however, after doing that, i find there are just some indicators that doesn't go away. my object list is empty, but i can still see the indicators. Is there like a hotkey or short key where i can press to clear my charts? is there another way?


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    well you have a good way to do that simply open a new clean chart without any indicators and save it as a template with a specific name like "Clean", now when you have another chart with many indicators and want to clear them all simply go to template menu and choose the clean template name that you saved before.

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    Also you can use one of the templates that come with Metatrader by going to
    Charts --> Templates
    or by right clicking on the chart and then choosing one of the templates you used before

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