high risky trading ??
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Thread: high risky trading ??

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    Question high risky trading ??

    in order to make any huge profits you must face some risk to make this profits so do you prefer to trade risky in order to make this huge profits from the Forex market or your prefer to trade with the lowest risk ??

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    I believe that all forex traders takes one risk or the other, but be sure that you do this with limits and calmness of the spirit, this is the way that you can make money and still be very happy. The risk is already there in the forex trading market, but it is use that will know how you want to minimizes the risk that you are taking.

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    True, forex trading is a high-risk trade. Because forex trading account profits and losses based on a multiple or leverage that we use, and also pay attention to this trade trading volume. To avoid the huge risk in trading we have to trade with proper money management and money management are also must have a risk management.

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    Well what i need from forex trading is stable and consistent profit. I would prefer to trade the market with the lowest risk because it safer to trade that way. Trading with high risk and big lot can not give stable profit but will only bring high risk to the account.

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    no i did not prefer to take big risk in because taking big risk lead to big loss, i prefer to trader with low risk and with proper analysis of fundamentals and technical analysis, i believe that small and constant profit is better than taking big risk.

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    On the business when we need a lot of profit then we should give a lot of capital. But in forex trading is not valid. There are many ways in forex trading to minimize of the risk such as trailing stop or using averaging techniques when it has on floating profit. Profit potential to be huge with the lowest risk.

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    Hello Dear Yes,I think that Forex mercantilism may be a risky trade. as a result of Forex mercantilism account profits and losses supported a multiple or leverage that we have a tendency to use, and additionally concentrate to the present trade mercantilism volume. To avoid the massive risk in mercantilism we've got to trade with correct cash management and cash management are should have a risk management.....Thank you

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    Forex trading is high risky but also high profitable business. for this reason many trader continue their trading in here even they loss money many times . if we follow the right money management system and good technique then we can minimize our risk be lower .

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    the forex trade is the good trade now a days . the forex can make you very happy in your life . but this is the most risky trading as i know that . the forex market is so much risky that if you do a single mistake then your account may go vanished .

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    Both form of trade is applicable in trading,there are times that you see that market signals are clear then you can open a position with high risks in other to exploit market rear opportunities,most of my trades are low risks with target of 75 pip and above but my high risks targets are around 10 pips which in other words called Scalpling.

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