Ask your questions here and inform us about possible errors (incorrect payment calculation).

Requirements for posts :

  1. The posting must be created in accordance to the Forum Rules.
  2. The number of characters in the post must be at least 200 (BB-code tags and quotes are not included).
  3. Posts must be original (written by the user, not copied from other sources) and have meaningful content.
  4. The publication of the text taken from other sources without documenting it as a quotation and detailed sources is prohibited. To make such a message included, add to quote your thoughts and comments (a minimum of 200 characters.).
  5. Translated posting, as well as with a large number of grammatical errors, payment will not accrued.
  6. Meaningless Needless and Junky will be deleted
  7. Advertisements, off topic, flood - payment is not accrued.
  8. In case of the “Communicative deposit” promotion or Forum rules are violated, payment can be cancelled totally or partially.