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Thread: You can pay and get knowledge but not for experience

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    You can pay and get knowledge but not for experience

    I know this might hurt, but the truth about forex trading is that there is no short cut, if you really do want success from the business you have to make it so evident, by learning.

    This advice is mainly for new traders who thinks they can pay some huge amount of money and learn from the best traders traders. You will get knowledge with paid money but not real experience.

    This is my personal experience.

    1. Learn.

    2. Make mistakes.

    3. Then learn from the mistakes.

    All those three things should be done in the demo trading account.

    What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen View Post
    Experience is vital here and we should not in anyway joke with it. Every wise trader will always learn from experience and it will be a huge possible means to manage their trade much more here. With practice to learn from experience, we can have the chance to manage this business and build a strong trading that will lead us through in forex. Our knowledge is important and the more we trade, the more likely to build up more experience that can help us to make the best trading choices.
    The only way to earn experience is through practice or trading. Otherwise we can never get that from any source in market unless we do things by ourself in practical way. Of course we can buy things to learn and get knowledge with money but something like experience is more to sacrifice in time and efforts. Maybe we could lose some money to turn things into experience but sometimes it's not necessary because we can safely learnr to get experience through demo practice.

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    truth be told there are not short cut in trading the market,if you want to make profit from the market then you must follow the normal process in trading the can have lots of knowledge about trading the market but if you haven't put them into practice in Forex its worthless because you will still make mistakes with all your knowledge when you start trading live.

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    Having the right knowledge and experience is very important and this is what we must look forward for if we want to earn from this business. Knowledge is needed and as a trader, its your duty to seek knowledge by learning about this business and later on develop the right experience that will put you into winning. It's not mandatory to pay before you can learn as there are many free places where you can study about forex end improve by also demo trading.

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