Is Scalping Trad gambling ??
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Thread: Is Scalping Trad gambling ??

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    Is Scalping Trad gambling ??

    most of the trader like scalping.Because scalping give profit quickly.In Forex business most of the trader are scalper.But many trader says scalping is gambling.I don`t know why they say this.I think scalping is legal.plz share your opinion.

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    scalping give profit but it also a gambling and i have to assure you that do not try to do it because i have some strong points to avoid it..if we want to succeeded then we should do normal trading...less risk can give us confident.but scalping is nice to earn money but i think it is gambling and it is also the main sourc of loosing money i think so.

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    it may looks like a gambling but it may looks like a real trading and i think trading with the five minutes charts is so helpful to make profits so i can say that i am a scalper trader and i prefer to trade with gold and the other currency pairs .but in fact i think scalping is so profitable .

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    If you are scalping through the direction of the trend alone, then that is not a gamble, if you are scalping anyhow, then you are gambling the market. Forex traders with good trading skills should know that they do not need to scalp, they should try to make trdaing in more reasonable ways, that is my point of view of the scalping that is hard to profits from.

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    Scalping is not actually gambling techniques, even to be successful in this technique, we have to very accurate analysis when trading and even had to take into account the slight difference in price though. This technique is a very short-term trading technique that takes profit from market volatility.

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    Most new traders who want fast riches normally go for the scalping method because they want to quickly make money and that leads to greed and gambling. It is far better for traders to learn how to trade with longterm method so that they become real expert traders and not gamblers.

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    In my opinion, scalping technique is not the same as gambling. Scalping the same with other trading techniques such as day trading and long term trading. Their differences just in time frames and the size of the profit and loss targets are used. This just in terms of how the trading style that you like.

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    Scalping is a very short term trading style while gambling is what you do when you are willing to risk your money for your own reasoning. In terms scalping doesn't equal to gambling. We know that gambling carries risks, so does trading. Trading can be a gamble when we wanted it to be a gamble, while certain groups of traders call themselves a trader and not a gambler for their own belief. My own belief is this that, trading is a gamble if we are not one of those market movers (big boys) because we are not able to move the market, it is a risk that we have to take (i call it gambling), but this risk can be minimized by using stop loses. My point is scalping or not, it is a gamble once we made it into a gamble whether we realize or not.

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    Scalpling although might sound easy because of your short and imidiate Target,but in reality Scalpling is as difficult as any other form of trade because the risk is even more,when you trade with high lit size for quick targets,I wouldn't suggest that you fully focus on Scalpling try to expand your horizen,to also trade long and medium term entries,you can use Scalpling to hedge or cut your losses.

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    scalping is not gambling but it is a method for trading that enable the trader to make some profits in short period of time but it consider gambling if the trade trade randomly without any strategy so he may enter in wrong position and loose money,so scalping requires a good trader that know how to analyze the market well first to ba able to choose the proper positions for trading and make good profits easily

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