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Thread: Advantages and Disadvantages of MetaTrader 5

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    metatrader 5 is a better platform than metatrader 4, metatrader 5 is very fast and can establish a good connection with the server, even when the network connect is poor
    i see that advantages of metatrader 5 is good and better platform than metatrader 4 i have tested it before on pc and one of the most impo

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    I think it is the good benefit using the metatrader 5 in forex. Because the connection in forex trading is also give the better impact too in trading. The meta trader offer the better with trading server
    And the meta trader 5 use the different programming language different with the meta trader 4 programming language. The expert advisor run smooth in meta trader 4 can not even run in meta trader 5.

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    The main advantage of MetaTrader 4 over 5 is the simplified logic of trading functions - reading history or opening trades by code is way more simple to do, especially the first time you try. Other than that I don't think MT4 has any other advantage - about everything else is made better in MT5. It even looks better if you're using some customized theme for Windows.
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