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    Sharegistfx COPYFX

    Trader: SharegistFx
    Account number: 2853254
    Server name: RoboForex-Pro
    Account type: CopyFx MT4 Pro-Standard
    Leverage: 1:500
    Budget: 125.00 USD

    Offer description:

    Offer scheme: Trader on profit
    Add date: 24 March 2017 13:42:07
    Start date: 24 March 2017 13:42:07
    End date: 23 March 2018 00:00:00
    Risk level: Minimum
    Commission for profit: 5 %
    Pie size: 100 USD
    Trading strategy: Candles patterns

    I trade with the candles stick and Average Directional movement index. all kinds of candles. BULLISH&BEARISH BARS. PIN BARS. MORNING STAR, EVENING STAR

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    candlestick all patterns are very helpful for traders and if we are use them in our trades then its really easy for us to make profit and if you are start your trading with these patterns then you will be earn some good income from your trading. I think its best for all traders to use candlestick patterns because they are easy to use and we can find easily make trend with use of it.

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    trading with candles patterns is good and profitable and it is one of the strongest methods of trading and the trader that trades with candles will get good results and will make profitable trading mostly, the trader can trade well and make consistent profits with the candle because it reflects the behavior of the market always and let the trader to read the chart well

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    I think to better understand what you are saying here you need to upload your trade chart for fellow traders fully understand and get the information you are passing across.I want to be aware and be mindful of risk management to easily achieve a good target trade journal.

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