It’s like some of the new jobs I worked at. I started being the worst, I knew I was going to be the worst, I knew I was going to make more mistakes than everyone else, and I knew I would slowly not make them. What I also noticed was a lot of people were comfortable where they were at, and they weren’t willing to do more. They would never treat work like it was their own business, because they wouldn’t do it for someone else. I did! I did because I wanted to know how good I could do and I wouldn’t get that answer unless I treated it like my own business and see how well I could do. The hardest part of FOREX is most people treat it like they do at their own job. At most jobs you don’t have to do work to get paid, You really don’t get an actual performance feed back at work. If you goof off at work, you can get away with it. If you’re learning trading, and you’re not getting better or at least consistent every day the Market will eat you alive. You enjoy your Friday, Saturday, Sunday and come sloppy to work in FOREX on Monday, the Market doesn’t care! I have lost money just going to the bathroom for 5 minutes. I have missed and lost trades because internet went out, power went out.