How we convince the people toward the forex trading ?
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Thread: How we convince the people toward the forex trading ?

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    Arrow How we convince the people toward the forex trading ?

    I think the forex trading is high risky business and mostly people not want to join the forex trading due to risk so how we convince such people toward the forex trading and how we clarify that the forex trading is good business to make the profit

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    aside all the bad things of forex we have to tell that forex is very useful trading system and we can do it regularly and it is like a all time trade system...that could make any people interest on it.By giving positive and also negative information about forex we can manage to convince people toward the forex .it is not hard to convince them if they have any interest on business.

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    I do not let any traders to be convinced about the forex trading, i know that this market is not for all traders , and i will not use the selfish resaon of the money that i want to get to convince traders. But if the trader is really interested in the market, and shows the interest towards me, this is when i will help him out.

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    It is very true that a lot of people think forex is bad because they have heard that a lot of people who try to do forex business did not succeed, the best way to convince such people is to show them proof of successful trading. Examples of expert trader's trading history will convince anybody

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    i think Forex trading is not for every one .you must take this risk and you must face this risk to make your profits from this risky market so i can say that is not for every body because it is so hard and so risky business you must have the experience to make any profits so that there 5 % of traders is make profits .

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    I think we should not expect people to run this business, so we just introduce this business, profit opportunities that exist in this business, and we also need to explain the risks, then let them make their own decisions about this business.

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    I think it is not required to convince any one to join Forex trading business.Every one knows that Forex is a very huge and profitable business.Many people attract towards Forex to start trading here and making Forex as their professional job.A reader should have the experience to trade in Forex and making profit on a consistent basis.

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    I can convince the people toward the Forex trading by telling them about the advantages of this business .As Forex trading is a very profitable and best online business in the world.Any one can earn a huge amount of money in this business with some certain knowledge and skill.It is so suitable that any one can trade from any where and at any time.

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    Recently I convinced someone friend to continue forex trade but he is not willing to continue this trade as he is facing loss in demo. Forex is risky trade and thus we have the mentality to accept the loss easy with a view to become a perfect trader. For that we need to wait for long time to bring the success into our control.

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    Forex has more money than that of any other business of the world and that business we can do any where without any problem but we must have to follow the rules and plans every time. it is necessary for us for becoming a good and successful forex trader of all time.

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