RVI(Relative Vigor Indicator)

The creator of the Relative Vigor Indicator is John Aylerz and devised to determine the direction of the prevailing trend. The cursor movement based on a very simple idea and is that the price of closing mostly higher than the opening price in the growing and lower than in the bearish market.

Use it:-

RVI reflects the acceleration or deceleration movement of price change (and in turn, it may be used to determine the pattern of divergence / convergence):
In general, the more the value of the index higher, the more the price rises more pronounced;
And whenever the lowest index value, the more the low price more obvious.
In conjunction with the signal line (in red), which is a moving average line for four periods and the relative activity (in green) is a convenient tool to identify potential points to break the dynamics prevailing price:
Cross the signal line from top to bottom, the index gives a signal to sell;

Crossed the signal line from the bottom up, the index gives a signal to buy.