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Thread: Anatomy of big market participants

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    well that is good line and understanding the component of Forex business in buy or sell market, will help us a lot in studying the cost activities and they act the we do , but according to this description, however industry activity can be seen from the signs and the resource can we expected previously.and that is best system for make money in this time.

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    usually it is a logic of demand and supply change hands at the same time because demand seems will fall at some time according the reaction of the economic condition which could not improve all the time and lot of country's development are inter related with other economics as they are trading partners and that is why demand change hands and that is why certain movements are correlated or inter related


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    There is one good trend following system that is described in the Curtis Faith book " The way of turtle". I will advice to all of you who didn't yet read this book to find if and to read it, and that is ever green book in terms of trading. Curtis Faith was one of the famous group Turtle traders who made a lot of money after they finished training that provide him Richard Denis, founder of that group.

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    before a trend form we can see that there are some area was building towards this trend . smart trader just find this trend and become profitable. actually how this trend form? To me market trend go in side where strong trader take the side.When there is certain break out point we need to find the demands of the market. support in resistance if there is less seller market will trend to break the resistance.We also need to find whether market is overbought or sold.

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    well at first it is difficult t understand the supply and demand issue but at the same time we are aware of the fact that the movement in the market depends on different kind of traders, and only this keeps the market moving and i think that the banks play a huge role in this.

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    As i have read this, all thing join, including the fundamentals. Either you are a very big play or the small traders, i believe that the effect is still being felt in the market, what matters is the accumulation as the flow of the order is being passed. It is fine that when you are trading with big money, it will take little lower accumulation than the most retail traders that are doing trading with very little amount of money.

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    Very useful information you've just stated above,on how and how the big players carry out there orders in the currency market both directly and indirectly,although I would like to state the obvious that its difficult to actually tell when these big players are carrying or adjusting there orders, which makes trading very difficult for retail traders like ourselves who lacks the source of getting first hand information on when these big players are either buying and selling.thanks for sharing

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    Many speculative traders use the COT report to help them decide to take a long or short position. Using Noncommercial data is more reliable because it captures traders positions in a specific market rather than COT report. One of the drawbacks of the FX spot market is the lack of volume data. Based on empirical analysis, there are three different ways that futures positioning can be used to forecast price trends in the foreign-exchange spot market: flips in positioning, extreme levels and changes in open interest. It is important to keep in mind, however, that techniques using these premises work better for some currencies than for others.

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    A very inside information on market analysis but a bit difficult for new trader to analyse and act accordingly because as a new trader we are not having enough knowledge to analyse fundamentally, so to understand the COT report we need to have experience on market behaviour and then we need to in line our trading with big market players.

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    These are beneficial facts and provides a concept about how the market function and also i do think that every speculator cannot accomplish for the levels that will aid your ex in order to predict the near future movements from the industry constantly since the industry is continuous movements and may change their movements anytime and also this helps make a difficulty for a lot of dealers that will are not aware of the best way to comply with the market pertaining to very long time.

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