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    Cool The best trader of the month - BioFX

    Account Number: 7203613
    Leverage: 1:300
    Account type: MT4 ECN Pro
    Openinig Balance: 24.50
    Risk & Reward Ratio: 1:1
    Strategy Description: My strategy is a price action strategy. naked charts no indicators. Support & Resistance levels, Supply & demand. All the other things on will be charts.

    Account Proof.JPG

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please Approve my account

    [mod="Gamer"] Your request has been approved [/mod]
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    You are entered into this contest , wish you good luck

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    Welcome here bro. I hope you are ready for the contest and started trading. I would request you to update your trades daily if possible. It would be helpful for contestants to know your position in the contest as well as for your future plans. I think you can also know about others as well when all participants update their trading history. I am going to do it today in few minutes.

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    Got 37$ profit from my initial balance, here is the screen shot from my terminal showing updated balance without any running trades. Good luck all brothers..


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    You have really done well pal, nice one. I hope you will still come back to contest the next time if they are giving this chance by the moderators. In fact,i love to be participating in such contest if they could give me the opportunity of contesting it every month. The choice is to the moderator, because it will seriously help us all.

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