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Thread: Manual Trading Vs Robot Trading

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    Manual Trading Vs Robot Trading

    Hello lovely members.

    As you all know, technology has made trading more easier that it can be now done online, round the clock with the MT4/MT5 platforms, we have the opportunity to trade.

    Manually: The trading that a trader opens by him self, in accordance to a well learned strategy or according to gamble or some other self known motivation to either buying or selling a specific security.

    Advantage of trading manually

    1.You are in control of your trades, you take your trades and you can improvise.

    2. No bad trade as a result of software malfunctioning.

    3. you can make analysis and select the good trades to be taken.

    Disadvantage of manual trading.

    1. You have to be on the market on time to take trades: time consuming

    Robot: Trading with Programmed EA which is attached to the trading platform, the robot have got some parameter and stoploss and take profits settings, depending on the programmer.


    1. You don't miss opportunities as the robot is there to take trades for you as programmed.

    2. No losing of trades to Emotions; Robots ain't human, they follow the initial plan and instructions.


    1. Huge loses may occur due to market behaviour changes.

    2. It can't improvise at some market condition, therefore putting limits to potential profits.

    3. The market is not static nor a game, therefore adjustment is needed to keep winning, of which the robots can't do.

    I hope my points will be helpful to those traders being confused on if to trade manually or with robots.

    Now, dear lovely members, lets share our views on this

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    So far so good the manual approach of trading has always been the best way of trading the market. Come to think about it. Those who has good quality understanding about the use of the manual trading method and process in trading, they are the one with the best results in trading. Robots are just ways to make things more easier, however, you will have nothing to learn and when it malfunction, you then will be in big mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senorita View Post
    With robot we can enjoy the powerful means of invention and this gives us a very profitable approach to have something to trade on our behalf while we do other things. But I more of the time enjoy manual trading because it's been the best way for me to handle this business and see I could have the possible means to make the right decisions. I can make the best decision at the right time by trading manually but it will be difficult with a software.
    robots can not be powerful then a human because we people made them so it can not be powerful then us, but here if we are doing trade on manual we can really make good orders just we need of experience, so learn trade and never trade without proper learning when we trade without learning on that time we start to lose, so before doing well we need to learn well, if we do not learn we can lose just

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