Smtrader "The best trader of the month"
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Thread: Smtrader "The best trader of the month"

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    Smtrader "The best trader of the month"

    Account number :186530
    Account type : MT4 Fix-Standard
    Leverage : 1:1000
    Deposit: 18.10

    Mt4 screenshot

    Moving Average

    I use tow simple moving average indicators with 14 and 24 periods simply whenever 14MA cross 24MA in above direction that*
    means its time to buy now and if 14 moving average cross 24 moving average in down side that means its sell entry.

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    Hello, I hope you are trading well in the contest. I would request you to update your trades daily if possible. It would be helpful for contestants to know your position in the contest as well as for your future plans. I think you can also know about others as well when all participants update their trading history. I am going to do it today in few minutes. Good luck bro.

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    "6. By the end of the contest close all open positions and attach a screenshot of the terminal with the final balance. "

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