How much time require to learn the forex trading ?
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Thread: How much time require to learn the forex trading ?

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    Arrow How much time require to learn the forex trading ?

    I want to know that the forex trading is very vast field and being a trader we need some time to learn the forex trading business , i want to know how much time we needed to become the good trader and learn the forex trading complete.

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    It is depends on the Forex trader because if he can learn the Forex Education first and can do practice in Demo account to develop his strategy and skill then I think not more than 3 months will take to learn the Forex Trading.

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    Actually there has no time limitation of learning forex...we cant tell the enough time to learning it knowledge is like a sea we should explore it with honestly and will take many time of our life but how much we can't tell.

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    I do not think that there is any specific length of time for anyone to learn how to trade properly. Instead it only depends on each individual trader and on how quickly they can learn how to trade. But it will normally requires i think atleast a year

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    I do think that there is no specific time limitation to learn about Forex training. It also depends upon the Forex trader how he adopts the market and understand the market.A trader should learn about the market and start trading demo account and gain experience and then do trading in real accounts.

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    It seems like an awful lot of time that we need to use to learn forex, even many experts forex traders still learning forex all the time to improve their skills. But we also need to set the time for other activities that we do not get a negative view from people around us.

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    I think minimum 6 months of learning is required by the forex trader and if a trader spent more time in forex trading market then it will be more better for him so more and more learning will be good for us and we will be earning much money every time but many traders did not practice and learning well and facing much loss and even blows the trading account very quickly.

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    It is totally depend on Forex trader how fast he learn Forex trading.If trader is educated and intelligent he can easily learn the Forex trading in a very short time and can earn a huge amount of profit from this business.I think demo account practice is best for every trader to learn and gain knowledge about the Forex trading.

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    To be frank I think that there is no time limit to learn about the Forex trade. We all know that learning is a continuous process and it takes place life long. The experts say that a good trader is the one who learns at everyday about the trade. So one must never stop learning.

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    It depends on trader's learning ability that how skillfully and promptly they are able to catch the lesson. I think, minimum 6 month demo trading can help a newbie to overcome the laps and gaps of this trade. Forex learning is endless journey, we need to continue the learning process from our continuous trading.

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