Have you survival plan in the trading ?
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Thread: Have you survival plan in the trading ?

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    Lightbulb Have you survival plan in the trading ?

    I think in the forex trading survival is very important in the trading and if you survive long in the trading then you will get the success in the trading so i want to know can you have survival in the trading plan and how you implement the plan in the trading.

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    Yes I have a survival plan to survive in Forex trading and I think it is easy to follow
    1. Just learn Forex trading Education
    2. Never trade more than your risk Management
    3. Use Stop Loss at every trade.
    4. Never feel greedy and angry on trading.
    5. Do not monitor more on Market after placing an order.

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    i also think that survival is very essential part and parcel of forex trading.there has several things that could make us a survival like...
    1.Stop loss in most of our trade
    2.Educate our self by learning many dimension of forex trading.
    3.Acquire much knowledge and practice can give us experience and an experienced trader can survive long.
    4.control our emotion can make us steady and patience trader.Be patience while trading can give us more strength to survive long.

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    Certainly success in forex trading depends on how long the trading capital of any trader can survive without getting a margin call. My survival strategy is to never be greedy and to always use small lots in every trade while making use of stoploss always.

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    I do have many survival plans in while trading business.I must say that a newbie should always learn forex and make his strategy accordingly.You should always try to control your emotions while trading.Never invest more than your risk management strategy and always use stop loss in order to make profits on a consistent basis.

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    Sure, I have a survival plan in forex trading, the survival plan is actually not form an accurate of trading strategy, but form of money management that I use. I do not have an accurate strategy until now, but with a survival plan that I have, then I am grateful to be able to make a profit pretty well so far, I hope the bonus that i get from this forum is no longer getting a margin call again.

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    Yes dear i have a plan and no business will run without having a trading plan. If we always use stop loss and take profit and follow the trading system all the time then we will earn money all the time . This is the survival plan but unfortunately many traders did not have any aim and plan which result much loss and blowing the trading account every time.

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    We must place our order with proper planning and when we trade with a plan our survival plan is always included in that but when we trade randomly without any set outcome then the problem arises and we do not have any idea, how to react and what to do? so we must trade as per plan and keep our contingency plan ready.

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    Yes of course i have survival plan in the Forex trading.Survival is important and long survival is very important to become a successful trader.I want to become a successful trader so i try to earn huge profit, make my good planning,strategy,money management and analysis to trade successfully.To learn a lot and gain knowledge to survive long in this business.

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    my plan is not bad and help me to trade but it does not give all that i want and it needs some improvement,and i try to improve it continuously until reach the best for me,this may take long time but i should be patient because this will not come easily and needs sometimes,forex is not easy and needs long time of working and continuous practice

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