How to get the back up Money ?
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Thread: How to get the back up Money ?

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    Exclamation How to get the back up Money ?

    I think the forex trading is the high risky business and we need to have the back up money in the forex trading and i want to know how we make the back up money in the trading ?

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    It is a good thread for us that we all want back the money back, The most important things is that it is not a good idea to back money from the losing trade, We need to do our trading according to our strategy and never think to recover loss if we think that we are in pressure and doing trade with pressure means there is a chance to loss more money.

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    It is indeed very wise for forex traders to reserve some money as backup to support the trading capital so that they can use the backup to protect their account from margincall. And the way to backup the capital is to deposit only a percentage of capital in the trading account.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well I don't really understand what you mean by back up money,for me the only way-out to sustenance is risk management and low lot size entries,with this tools you can maintaining a long lasting account.although if am to contribute on what you mean by back up money why don't you just deposite funds in several accounts that is if you can afford it,and then when you lose one account you go on to another I guess

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    Forex trading business need very knowledge and experience about business ,forex trading business is very riskey and if you have no knowledge and experience then you will never win or earn money and you will not able to get the back up money and you will loss your every thing
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    I have no experience about that but i know that if we work hard and try to earn money on spenting time in the forex trading business then we will back up our money easily and i want to ask from you that how we will get the back up money or our lose money, are you have scales about this work

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    You can trade with the amount that you think it is enough for you, and you will keep the amount that you think to be the backup for you in the bank, it means that if one fails , the other one will make the money out for you, this is the safe way to do the trading if you desire to do it that ways.

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    We can get back our money from forex trading if the ability we've become better at forex trading, so when we lose then we should be able to learn from our losses so we will be able to grow and be able to get back all the losses that we've experienced from forex trading.

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    yes, its always a good habit to keep some money in back up for forex trading..because sometimes , when our positions float too much in negative, then we need to have some more capital in our account in order to keep it we can deposit some back up money in it in order to increase our equity....

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    Besides by using the trading method in accordance with the rules of MM. There are also other ways that I use to back up my money in forex. And will help me to recover funds lost due to loss.

    1. Use profitable EA, while producing little profit, but quite enough to help as back up.
    2. PAMM, use this tool to put the investment in PAMM . The advantage can be used to back up.
    3. Affiliate program of RoboFX, enough money to help supplement their income from affiliates.
    4. Rebate, rebate Robo has fairly high.
    5. Contests, quite beneficial in addition to increasing the skill, the prize could be used as a back up.

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