Intellegence , experience and confidence in the trading get the success
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Thread: Intellegence , experience and confidence in the trading get the success

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    Exclamation Intellegence , experience and confidence in the trading get the success

    I think if we want to get the success in the forex trading business then we need to have the intelligence and have the good experience in the trading and need to have the self confidence in the trading and i think if we have then we will get the success in the forex trading business.

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    good intellegence can give us to gain knowledge correctly and intellegence while trading can give us more chance to gain success...experience can give us more confidence and it is the key success.Be confident and gain knowledge and that is the main thing for getting success.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    All three factors which are intelligence,experience and confident are very important factors in being a successful trader,and you cant exile of you don't persist in building up all three factors in your trading attitude,so for a trader or newbie who lacks any of this criteria would defiantly find it difficult in maintaining a successful trading account.

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    Yes you are right and i am agree with you and there is no boubt aboth that to say that intellengence, experience and confidence in the forex trading business get the success , because forex trading business needs these all, intellegence, experience , confidence and also knowledge about business

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    The traders that get money in the market get it very well when they have the time, money , energy , power and the experience to get the money in the market, this is a good way of making good trades. I have being making money in the market when i do thing with a good skills and my personal trading abilities.

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    Every business need intelligence and confidence and confidence and if you have these qualities then you will earn more and short time and also intellegence and experience and confidence in the trading get the success easily, if you have not these qualities then you are not able to trade

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    intelligence,experience and confidence are important in forex trading,because with experience the trader will trust more in himself and will become more confident and will trade in forex with more professional and so he will be able to trade with high percentage of success and will make more profits and may become rich and make fortune from forex market

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    True, we do need to have three things to be successful in forex trading. Intelligence we will use to analyze the market, trading experience we will use to search for a better profit opportunities in forex trading, and confidence will be useful for our confidence in trading forex.

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    If trader need to be successful then he need to be intelligent,confident and experienced enough.This three things an make us a successful Forex trader.Good intelligence can give us good knowledge and experience give us more time to spend on this business.These factors help us to trade with high percentage of success.

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    I think that one can become a successful trader only if when he try to learn all the skills and knowledge to start a good trading life. intelligence is the most required thing to become a successful trader it also include having a good experience from learning and confidence to take a risk when needed when we know we can earn a profit.

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