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    Trading in your trading terminal it will become more easier to you you can open your trade in one click and close also in one press mouse left button you can set your tp and sl with mouse no need to calculate the pips after trading just left click to your open order in chart drag it to up or down and whenever you have to set Tp or Sl just release your mouse button your sl or tp will be set automatically

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBFX Indonesia View Post
    How to fix the problem in one click trading

    download and instal now, problem solved

    download here -
    mt4 platform is the best platform ever i think it is so simple to learn Forex trading for any beginner trader .you can trading with one click also you may put sell stop or but limit and this options will not find it in any platform also you can use EA without any problems that advantages make this platform the first platform all over the world . i love this platform so much .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor1911 View Post
    After installing the MT4 And launching the terminal for the first time, and then when clicking for one click trading we need to accept some terms and conditions. But mistakenly i canceled that and now one click trading is not happening, please someone help me so that i can accept the terms again and then can use the one click trading as usual.
    go to tools>>options>>trade tab and click on the one click trading check box
    then you will be ask for the accept box again

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashter View Post
    On every time i login in the platform, it always shows that "one click trading is disabled " in the journal. I don't know, how to enable it. Even, i check all dll files and also checked allow trading in expert advisor settings after enabling expert advisor.
    Try this one buddy .. just copy all file to your MT4 folder > expert > libraries. Then restart your terminal.
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    One-Click Dealing increases MetaTrader4 Customer International airport by reducing down the number of activities clients take in order to execute a business. It delivers true real-time trading experience to your clients. It is set up as a robot and is triggered instantly. You can close it for a while and open again by simply pulling into a preferred graph.

    Market Detail reveals all the available costs available in the industry as it is shown in the image. For the appropriate performance of this board you need to purchase Market Detail information registration from your asset business or we can offer you where to get it.

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    one click trading is the best tool to make trade without opening the placing order tab just clicking on the button we place our buying or selling orders. I love to trade with one click trading and this is really great by my point of view.

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    One click trading is not that good because it still need a few secs until our order executed too. Also sometime it disturbing me when I want to put trend line near my open order, stop loss, or take profit because it change my take profit or stop loss if I make a wrong click near them. Do you also have this problem too or it's only for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alv_trader View Post
    Try this one buddy .. just copy all file to your MT4 folder > expert > libraries. Then restart your terminal.
    this must be for the old one-click-trading button which is now not working and giving error "Loaded successfully and then removed" in the journal

    the old button had the option to set TP and SL in pips but the new one does not have that option.
    I use to make use of TP and SL option in the old button but now i can only do that after placing the order.

    Please correct me if i am wrong :-)

    thank you

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    i do not like to trad with on click trading because i want to make my all order in time so i do not like to trading with any other facility in forex trading so i always belive in only my own order so i do not want any other option in my forex trading terminal i always depend on self so do trad with my responsibility.

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    I wonder if these kind of things are allowed to use with Metatrader especially on Roboforex. I don't want to lose my account if these are not allowed. If allowed I would really be glad to use it because it will be useful in highly volatile situations.

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