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Thread: Contest Rules "The best trader of the month"

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    Hello! If you have have sent the PM to Admin then kindly do wait for the respond.
    Thanks to All Moderators & Admins of forum. All Done...

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    Congratulations to the contest participants and winners, you really deserve it. I hope this kind of great contest will be holding every months on this forum. This is to help some traders to control themselves since they have made one or two mistakes in the previous trading contest. I so much like this contest among all other contest the forum has put in place. However, lot of things has to be corrected in case this contest will come back again. Moderators should know that the traders with low money has better advantage over the traders with high amount of money in the contest, and this is bias to me. When the contest comes in play again, moderators should make sure that same amount of money should be used no matter how small it would be. Contests should be even, not with different starting capital. At most, they should have tight range of starting capital in case there will be slight variation (Though, this is not the best). For example $10-15 or $20-25 at most for all to be able to afford its participation and still have fair startup capital. Thank You!

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    We always appreciate suggestions and ideas, therefore thank you for adding your contribution.
    The concept was to give opportunity to those who don't have a large amount, which means a fair opportunity not like others traditions already contests out there, we have given a unique opportunity.
    About new contests well you can see almost every second month we are keep adding the contests time to time.

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    These competitions are wonderful. Hope that it will be repeated again

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    i think i came too late :)

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