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    Wti price continues to fluctuate when supporting the rising channel that appears in the image, noting that the stochastic index eliminates its negative resolve significantly, waiting for a positive incentive to pay the price to resume the main upward trend, where our next goal is at 60.86.Thus, the upward trend will remain active in the coming period, with the attention that the 59.00 level may press the price to test the 57.33 level again before any new altitude attempt.
    Expected trading range for today between support 58.00 and resistance 60.86.

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    WTI OIL commodity prices are now moving around the upper limit of the previous Continuation Area (Green Box) after the market which only responds slowly to previous rejection. This illustrates that there is still a potential Bullish sustainability by breaking the Green Box's upper limit, although still be aware of the potential for False Breakout if the price is difficult to move away after the breakout.

    The following intraday Support and Resistance price levels:

    Resistance2 (R2): 60.82

    Resistance1 (R1): 60.14

    Support1 (S1): 58.60

    Support2 (S2): 57.83

    On the chart above, it appears yesterday that the price of WTI OIL only moved slowly and slowly with a low transaction volume. This indicates that the crude oil market is awaiting the results of the G20 meeting which will also have an impact on the crude oil market atmosphere, WTI OIL and Brent OIL.

    Today, focus on the analysis of increasing transaction interest in the price response when it is around mapped levels, because in the view of this analysis, prices are already in a fragile Bullish Minor (Black Line) current DURING prices don't get a valid buy explosion. Stay objective, huh!

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    Wti price trades are confined to a downward channel illustrated by the image, which we believe can form an upward continuation flag model, which means that the price needs to penetrate the level of 59.50 to obtain a good positive stimulus that supports the chances of resuming the main upward trend.Thus, the upward trend will be weighted during the next sessions unless the level of 58.35 is broken and the stability below it, with the indication that the penetration of the resistance mentioned above will pay the price to achieve positive goals starting at 60.86 and extending to 62.00.
    Expected trading range for today between support 58.00 and resistance 60.86.

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    WTI signal for this week Buy trend it's good for short term,move price to 55.65

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