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Thread: Applied statistics in your trading. Part 1

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    If we trade more regularly and opening plenty of position within one day then the opportunity to getting high accuracy is going to be smaller since we usually are not always able to forecast market direction. It will be much better if we stop for a while and waiting for an even better chance to open situation. Also if we always trade like this usually we may feel over confident and yes it may ended with decline. At least that what's afflict me when I performed over trade.

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    Keeping a diary and the analysis of previous trade is really so much important. we can learn from our previous mistakes and also we can analysis our winning condition. we should really concentrate upon our winning and losing streak. if we analysis our losing streak we can find the reason behind it . and by analyze the winning streak we can really know in what condition market and what emotion make me profitable. it is really important.
    Analyzing our trades periodically is a good habit. This habit helps us to know our mistakes. Once we know our mistakes we can start learning more and make efforts to correct our mistakes. without correcting our mistakes we should not proceed to trade more. As we will repeat the same mistakes and as a result can lose huge money in this business.

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    What I notice is that are curve of profitability could be also the object of analyse. Also when we start day with winning trade, what I noticed that in 80 percent of case after one winning trade it is going second winning trade, the same is with loosing trade. It is like when we get in to the inertia. So when you have 2 win in a row, do not stop with trading!

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    We should make a start in trading only if we are sure that we have good skills and knowledge to succeed here. Trading plan is the secret to make a good profit in Forex although skills and strategies always matters a lot. Applying statistic in trades is also an important thing it ensure that at any moment of time we can weather we are earning and growing our trading business or we care losing in business

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    based on the picture above, traders was trappend on situation where they thought that the market will move based on their needs, so they did not see it with deeply to get the real situation, and after all, just got margin call after the market moved faster with wider range against the trend,
    now as the question , what is the best options to handle this situation? stop loss or is there the better one ?

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    That's a very good post nice sharing sir I also not maintain any diary and journal till now for my trading statistics I think its very necessary to prepare journals for our trading it will help us to focus well on our progress and we will able to reduce our mistake too in forex. Knowledge is our best weapon in forex so we should never neglect learning in forex.

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    yes. i think this is a good idea and i am also agree with you. the Forex trading business is not a easy business. In here the traders are get keep must the well skilled and strategy. without the well strategy the success is impossible always times. so for this learning more about the Forex trading basic things.

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    Almost most of the expert and professional forex traders would always have the trading journal where in they record their trades each time when it is placed. At the end of the month or so it helps the trader to realize their weak and strong points. It would also be very much beneficial for the traders that they can improve their trading skills which is very much important for the traders if they wish to excel in the forex trading business.

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    This is quite impressive and I tailor my trading in line with this style. I keep record of my analysis and I only trade when I see good reason to do so. I do not force a trade just to make money at all cost when the atmosphere is not conducive for trading. A trader needs to understand that there are times to take action and there are times to stay off the market and I think that is the pathway to progress in forextrading career.

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    At my opinion statistics is the mother of success in forex market. First we must find some averagely good trading strategy and start to test it on historical data. Using statistics principles and adding different indicators or different rules we can optimized that strategy more than 30 percent in one year, just with observing and testing.

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