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    Smtrader- Everywhere With Roboforex

    Hi everyone..

    first of all, thank you roboforex admin and moderators for giving us non-stop interesting contest I will be very happy to be part of every contest from roboforex.

    its a quite interesting contest playing contest is part of my trading and I love to participate in different competitions
    I am in here in this forum for last 4 month and I have already played many interesting contests like (the last three month
    of trading )and (new year contest from the moderator) and recently finished contest (i am the best) and(the best Christmas avatar)
    and now 3-In-A-Row in every contest I enjoyed a lot and also I won a good amount of money from these contest.
    that's why I am here again and love to participate in this contest.

    making of a logo:–

    today I was free at my home and I decided to print the roboforex logo on the sheet with my hand although my writing is not very good
    and especially when it comes to in English I can,t write good English but now I tried my best to print the logo on the sheet it was a tough task for me and it took me more than 1 hour to complete this.

    below I am holding roboforex logo in my hands.


    a cold day in here I am enjoying a cup of tea and here is I am showing my computer at my home.

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    I like your creativity .,

    I hope you can be a winner in this photo contest
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    Thank you debian i also will be very happy to see you in the winners list ..

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