It's very interesting to be part of this contest and its one I can never to fail to join too.

My journey with roboforex have been one full of excitement and hope. It's incomplete without me posing too with my roboforex logo.
I have learnt so much with this forum and of beauty of it all is that different members from different countries come together to participate in forex discussion which helps each and every one of us to continue to learn more about this business in a good way.

Back then I cried due to greed as I loose up my money meant to start an offline business but now with roboforex, I can truly have hope and know I could achieve greater things in future. Roboforex is everywhere and a recommended broker for any one looking for the best broker to join and enjoy great service.

First let me talk about the fast withdrawals: Roboforex is one broker that I have seen that their payment of profits is instant. When it comes to withdrawal of funds to my neteller account, the process is fast and this boost more confidence for a trader and attract him more to focus on this unique broker.

Bonus Packages : When it comes to bonus offers, Roboforex to me remains the best. There are so many bonus we can choose from and enjoy a wonderful service. First the welcome bonus of 30$ for newbies who deposit 10$ is a great offer. Also we have the 50percent bonus in the first deposit while continuous gives us 25 percent. The classic bonus is another huge one where we can get 115 percent I guess from deposit above 300$. This are all good to improve our equity and help us during drawdowns. For the forum bonus, it's excellent and this prove that roboforex are the best when it comes to bonus offers.

Support: Fast support to our queries is a great thing to know of a broker who is serious with their clients. I am happy of the fact that am working with the best broker with fast support to tender our queries and solve them as soon as possible.

[b]Photo of myself with the Roboforex logo : This photo was snapped by my junior sibling and right here is the passage opening in my family house. I sitting and standing with the Roboforex logo as follows:



Appreciation: I appreciate the Roboforex admin for bringing up this contest to us as a way to show appreciation and celebrate Roboforex 4 years of existence. To the moderators and fellow members, you guys are great and are doing a wonderful job. This forum have been a center to join together different tribes in the continent to discuss about forex and how they can succeed. I am much honored to be a part of this forum and I want to say a big Thank you to all of you guys.