Comments on the contest "Demo Forex"
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Thread: Comments on the contest "Demo Forex"

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    Comments on the contest "Demo Forex"

    Dear Participants!
    Here You may leave your comment, suggestions or share your opinion on the contest "Demo Forex".

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    In Robo Forex, Demo comments is great site for trade. but it's need for all it gate to me.

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    Demo contests are very good means to improve the trading quality. It provide us numerous moments to check our strategies. New experiment with zeal to win is really very thrilling. Because if we lose no pain, but if become winner a great satisfaction will prevail that provide money for trade whatever. So, this offer by any site, of course, courage us and train us in competitive manner. Roboforex is also one of the esteemed site for this.

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    the demo contest, we will be mature in the trade for the future

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    demo contes in robo forex is very good
    please try it with your self

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    Forex treading stread demo contrest very exceland and suppouret real treading.

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    this kind of contest that is using the demo account will be the best way and most effective way to have the experience about how to trading Forex . because you will not loss a real money so you will learn Forex without losing a real money and it is a great choice for any beginner trader so i am sure i will join this contest soon .

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    demo contest will make beginner trader have experience from trading.they can try their strategy to get profit,but very much demo acount give very much balance to trade,i think very good demo contes have baance litle or almost same deposite beginer trader so they can aplicate same with real money.i see balance from demo above $1000 and very good balnce only $100 or $500
    This only share from my opinion.

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    Demo contest is a great way to practice Forex trading. Demo contests organized by Roboforex not only gives us an opportunity to get acquainted with the Forex market and practice Forex trading without risking our money, it also gives us a chance to win big and real cash prizes.

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    Trading experience using a demo account in the contest can be made a valuable lesson for us to make real trading better. It can helped traders learn this business without fear of loosing their own money. Virtual money can give them good start up for real trading. When they win they try best for next time they can use earned amount in real trading.

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