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This thread is for all the newbie who have no idea to start trading. Experience traders know the trading through the study of the Japanese candle stick but I am creating this thread for newbie who will be easily understood the way of the trading simply following the bearish and bullish candle stick.

In the above image i have shown the two types of candles.

1. bullish candle

2. bearish candle

If you want to make trade in bullish candle then you must follow the bullish opening and closing points for yours trade. If you want to make trade in bearish candle then you simply have to follow the above image of bearish candle where you can see the order opening and closing points clearly. In this way you can just make trading simply just by following the candle stick pattern.

Please ask anything or share yours valued opinion about my thread as I am always ready to learn more and more about the forex business.