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    Sixteen - Everywhere With Roboforex

    Its another contest and a beautiful one at that. Roboforex is an excellent opportunity for us to share our experiences on a good form and am hopeful that every participants will smile home in this one.

    Everywhere with Roboforex is a great description and by will I got to say I had some fun and stressed up too. For this contest I had to dedicate my time and ensure that I made a great entry. Keeping this thread alive I have come up with my story description tags as follows :


    2. THE DEAL




    Stay tuned as I unveil on the task for the Everywhere with Roboforex contest.

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    In an urban part of Africa coming to this city to base was a decision I made for myself. Onitsha as been called is city estimated to have over 30 millions people living and making daily meets to survive. I relocated to this city this month of January and indeed I ask around to know my way. This contest was an opportunity to move around looking for a place to make my printed Roboforex logo.

    It's actually a tough task as I ended up spending more on transport and alias I got to my destination. Main market as they call it, is said to be the largest market in Africa and from my picture you should see how stressed and tired I was. Was sweating but after all my search was valid for me. Who cares as many keep moving around buying and selling as you could hear different voices around. Got to take some pictures for references.

    Here is mine looking tired :IMG_20170120_105238_743.jpg

    Here too is around the main market.IMG_20170120_105118.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -


    As I reached to destination I narrated what I wanted to the lady printer and after much deliberation we had to settle for 1000 naira.

    Here I bring out my wallet to pay the lady. Picture as follows : IMG_20170120_105632_887.jpg

    After paying the lady went out for the system printout I had to wait for about 1hour before she was back. She also have other people material to handle and at first I was frustrated a bit cos am tired but who cares here is Onitsha and if you can't wait, you won't have your problem solved. At least as a trader, patience is one rule to follow if we must succeed.

    - - - Updated - - -


    Alias the process was been printed and I could feel the joy in me that its working. The picture here describe the lady printer holding the roboforex logo that says :
    Everywhere with Roboforex.

    Photo credit : a passerby. IMG_20170120_120748.jpg

    It's good actually but this is was the primary process as I wanted more and can't wait for my job to be done perfectly. I also took time to introduce Roboforex to this lady as she do not know about forex. We have a lengthy discussion about forex and how she could make good income from it and after the lecture she collected my contact. Hoping to here from her soon.

    Anyway am hungry now I had to look at my right side and I saw a woman roasting yam, beans and plantain. This a pure African food and I had to order for a take away.

    Photo of the woman :IMG_20170120_112539_708.jpg

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    It's good that I took out time to promote my roboforex logo and indeed it was a good experience all through, due the busy market condition, there were less time to to talk more about forex but some impact was felt.

    Now my logo is done in the way I wanted but not letting the cat out of the bag yet till I reach home. I hurriedly take a keke napep to my place and soon as we are off set from the market, I breathed a sign of relief. Am heading home that's what matters to eat and also have a good bath.


    Now am back home to where I belong, as an online trader, my home is a place of work too and the best place I feel more comfortable. So it's good one that this project was a success. My love for Roboforex made me to create a customized Roboforex logo Shirt and and handkerchief for my self. It's good and perfect and each time I will wear this shirt am sure people out there will ask me what's Roboforex and I had to explain and make them understand forex and choosing the best broker to trade.

    Finally this are the pictures :

    It's good one for the experience I had too in this contest, I saw the tag of this contest as a way of promoting Roboforex and its good I was motivated to do this. It's all been a good one and hope that as you read this experience, you should thumbs up on this.

    It's done and the tag remains : EVERYWHERE WITH ROBOFOREX.

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