Dear users!

We have spent a year together, our community has grown substantially, we have created together much valuable content, helping traders to survive and prosper on a path of a professional trader.
But it could not become possible, if not our active users!
So, we, team of moderators, have decided to say special thanks to our most active users, and we want to express our gratitude in a form of forum bonuses.

Bonuses of 1 500 cents will be given to users listed below:

  1. smtrader
  2. sekiryutei
  3. Azis-Muslim
  4. debian
  5. nkhan2810
  6. naeem555
  7. Yul
  8. cutiekc
  9. forexlearner
  10. ChandniNight

Looking forward to see many great posts in the next year! Keep in touch!

Roboforex forum team.