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    Years of love towards us has made us to stick directly to you.
    There could be no other broker who could give us the best we really wished for.
    For us here, its incomplete without celebrating you Roboforex for the impact you made in our lives.

    So for this am wishing you a very HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE YEARS AHEAD.
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    I am happy to know that the fourth birthday of RoboForex coincides with my first day as a member !!!
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    Happy Birthday, RoboForum

    4th Year Memories With You

    I'm gonna make you all awake
    Say a wishlist and let the good trades roll
    In case chances doesn't come - Let the markets roll
    And I want these plans to make my trade’s right
    But it's the wrongs that make the loss come to life
    Who does market think it is?
    If that's the worst you got better put your focus back to the charts

    One year and one more birthday
    Thanks for your memories
    Another brokers thought they’re so great
    But RoboForex, still better and always the best

    One year, yeah, and one more birthday
    Thanks for your memories
    Thanks for your opportunities
    See, RoboForex, still better and always the best

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

    Been looking forward to many brokers
    But my results are going bad
    With all their hidden terms
    It's always dark and black skies
    When I look into my past
    A lot of scammers, a lot of victims

    One year and one more birthday
    Thanks for the memories
    Another brokers thought they’re so great
    But RoboForex, still better and always the best

    One year, yeah, and one more birthday
    Thanks for the memories
    Thanks for the opportunities
    See, RoboForex, still better and always the best

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - They say

    That this broker is not so good
    With fake rules, collecting people’s hope
    Just get me out of my mind
    I know that those issues are false
    Coz I’m right away, to trust this broker of mine

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    Happy Birthday, RoboForex Forum!

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    I warm 4th birthday to one of the biggest forex forum roboforex the best bonuses program website on the internet. Once again happy birthday from i and my whole family...... Here in Nigeria.

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    We are not too busy to feel the vibe
    when the glory of our forum is glowing in 4 stars
    Are we immune to wish one day it will be Jubilee ?
    Are we too carried away by the fun we have here?
    even if we are because it look like a forum of 20 years.
    Even if they tell us our forum is just Four year ,that’s unbelievable,
    For the gift and memorable moment
    still the forum atmosphere leave us with a uniqueness,
    The truth is We'll never stop growing with Roboforum
    To love the trading magic.
    In these days a sweet surprise.
    Mix in fond appreciation and happiness that Roboforum is four years
    Roboforum From the Forex Broker we know;
    Roboforex who has always been there
    Like the summer sun which has special glow.
    that has some giggles and some laughter,
    Stir it all with Grand kindness of contest prize;
    Wrap it up in love and peace,
    Decorate with optimism, and
    Our joy will never cease in the Forum
    At four years how amazing what we have achieves
    Happy anniversary to the leader, Roboforum
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    Happy birthday, Roboforex Forum

    Hi there people,

    I’m here to congratulate this forum for its 4th birthday and may the best be with us always with the best broker to work. Just as the forum reserves some excellent contests for celebrating its birthday, as a member I’d like to give my own way of congratulations in story of my own imagination based on my favorite games.

    The story in game were all about virus, zombies, bad and good guys. But here I’m replacing them all and edited the story on my own and for contest purpose, to make the story as the hero saves the day from all hard days. The hero is an agent who work with the broker RoboForex.

    Things started back in 4 years ago, when the financial company lacks of trust from their investors and people were easily come and go. They were all confused, didn’t know which broker was the best and worse. The situation of market is in total chaos.

    But at the same time, here comes our hero, an agent from an unidentified broker who come to solve the problems.

    You see that he fight bravely against all enemies, shooting them all down. Just like he eliminate all the negatives mindsets of people who already less-trusted in any financial investments and the brokers. He convinced along with his strive that RoboForex is the best broker to invest and trade with.

    People slowly believe to his thoughts and ideas and slowly gains his trust about RoboForex. But things doesn’t seem go well as planned. There are another agents from other brokers, try to change most people mindset and try to reverse them back to uncertainty, to work with brokers and their unclear terms and conditions to trade.

    Those agents successfully strive forward to the core of people’s mind as they fight hardly against the big guy in the middle as you can see in the picture. Some people slowly try to believe what those agents saying.

    Knowing that the truth will be covered again, our hero fight against them to compare RoboForex’s excellent and qualities of everything.

    Bad luck, our hero is fallen because those agents use tricky way to do their jobs. Such honest broker like RoboForex won’t try to give their clients fake promises and hidden terms just to promote their broker and invite all people to invest with them. But wait …

    But in the end, our hero is able to convince those agents who almost beat him and gain their trust about RoboForex after he explain everything, the truth of RoboForex excellence. And finally, they become our hero’s friends and start doing the same thing and the same job with the broker.

    And this is all what they do to the broker to celebrate its forum 4th birthday.

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    happy 4-year birthday

    Celebrate roboforex forum 4 year birthday.png

    Celebrate Forum's 4-year Birthday.
    from oziter

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    I wish roboforex happy birthday of its 4th anniversary to run this awesome forum
    Special thank to its Admin and Modeaters, Gamer, Roboforex Administrator, Roboforex Admin. Roboforex Support, HAmster,Gulfsteam who make effort to gives us this awesome forum ,Thank you Roboforex forum

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    Happy birthday logo.jpg

    I congratulate the 4th Happy Birthday to Robo Forex Forum
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    Those who runs only they win the race of life.

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