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Thread: Contest "Share your profit!"

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    Contest "Share your profit!"

    Dear users! We are glad to present a new contest "Share your profit!", every registered user on the forum is able to participate in it.
    To participate, you need to create a post with a story, describing your profitable trade or series of trades with Roboforex* company, supporting it with screenshots.

    Every thread will be evaluated according to several parameters:

    1. Number of symbols in a thread: it must be more than 1000;
    2. Quality of content (spelling, style e t.c.);
    3. Quality of screenshots;
    4. Number of "thumbs up" clicks.

    * - you can describe your experience from trading either on real money account or bonus account.
    Demo accounts are not allowed. You have to provide your account number either on screenshot or in text mode in the post.
    Note!: Screenshots must be captured from trading terminals of Roboforex company only!

    Terms of the contest:
    Contest is held between January 20 and February 02, 2017.
    Results will be announced – February 3, 2017.
    Prizes will be transferred - February 4, 2017.

    Council of moderators will choose 10 best posts and reward authors. Prizes will be given to 10 users (places from 1 to 10th)
    Winners will be defined according to parameters indicated above. Anybody can vote for the thread by clicking "thumbs up" button in the lower right side of the post.

    1st place - 60 $
    2nd place - 50$
    3rd place - 40 $
    4th place - 35 $
    5th place - 30 $
    6th place - 25 $
    7th place - 20 $
    8th place - 15 $
    9th place - 15 $
    10th place - 10 $

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

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    Should we create a new thread in this section or just post it in here sir?

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    Contest "Share my profit!"

    Hello everyone:-

    again I am very thankful to the forum administration for giving us yet another interesting contest

    I am in here in Roboforex for the last 3,4 month or so I don't have much experience in Roboforex but in my opinion, Robo forex is one of the best broker in the world their live support, deposit/withdrawal service everything is great.

    I am in this business since 2015 in my 2 years of experience in forex I have work with many brokers and I found Roboforex is just one of those which are trusted and reliable

    I came here by accidentally you can say as we all know we can not be profitable in forex every time sometimes we earn a profit and sometimes loss every trader face good and bad days and those were my bad days in forex when I join this forum for no deposit bonus after that I got my $20 bonus on my bonus account I start my trading and earn some profit

    After getting my first withdrawal from roboforex I decided to choose Roboforex and still, I am here I don't have much to share in here but in my 4 months of experience, I have learned a lot of things although I haven't earned much profit but I have enjoyed a lot.

    One more thing that I like in Roboforex it give us lots of opportunities to trade in forex without investing anything through forum bonuses and contest bonuses if you want to trade in forex risk-free then in here Roboforex giving us an opportunity to do that

    Some days ago I decided to deposit $16 on my real Roboforex account I start trading with some good profit and I grow my balance onto $54 and then one trade washes my whole account balance.

    achievements on Roboforex:

    1)demo contests week with CFD:

    My first achievement on Robo forex was this contest and I won although 10th place but I was satisfied with that my prize was $77 here are my screen shots of trading.

    2)contest from moderator new year

    a good demo contest I have ever participate in I got 5th place in the contest and won $300 unfortunately, I couldn't use this bonus wisely and recently I lost my whole bonus screenshots I am sharing in here

    3)demo contest trade day

    again I won 10th place in the computation but again I was very much satisfied with that my prize was $50 and just some days ago I only manage to earn $5 profit and loss all the bonus


    real account(186530)
    bonus account(186651)
    at the end, although I am not much successful in here and I have trade blindly but I have learned many things like we have to use a stop-loss and take profit for protecting our account as you can see in my trades I lose my whole balance just because of not using stop-loss.
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    Azis Muslim - Share your profit!

    Hi guys,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate and wish this Forum happy birthday for its 4th year tomorrow in 23rd January 2017. For me it has been my yearly routine to congratulate the birthday but my striving here always goes along with non stop. It is a great honor for me to participate any contests here. Let me do this briefly ok hahaha.

    Since the theme of contest is to share our profits, here I would like to share mine. In fact I have made a lot of profitable trades here but not all of them supported with my account number. Most pictures were taken only show the trades and charts without the support of account number with it.

    PHASE I, account : 3021536, Fix-Cent

    Date : March 25th - March 26th 2014

    This was not my first trades by the way. I made this in first place because of the complete details of screenshot with RoboForex platform and also the account number. This was my first bonus account back in 2014 but I am not so certain because these 4 years I did not remember how often I change the account number to the forum. Nothing particular here, just normal trades but they were all profitable in the end.

    Date : April 1st 2014

    This screenshot was found on my journal folders in my laptop. That is why I blocked the account number but I was still using the same account number with above, bonus account 3021536. I am started to think this way, keeping a journal does not so bad at all, right?

    Date : April 8th - April 20th 2014

    Same account used, but this one whole trades were really amazing and satisfying for me back in 2014. I was able to make glorious profitable trades with so much orders and they all turned to big profits. That time I chose my account with swap free in cost of commission but now since I think the commission was too big for me, I decided to change my account into swap account.

    Date : April 22nd 2014

    Those trades made in picture was using my old strategy. I am still using that strategy right now and add something new to make it more accurate. 11 orders were executed by take profits and after that, I withdrew them all. WebMoney was become my favorite payment after all due to its fast process.

    PHASE II, account : 3070756, Fix-Cent

    Date : February 5th - July 1st 2016

    And this was the year, when I got half good and bad experiences. I got 6 months of winnings but after that lost a lot in the next 6 months, too bad. But it did not make me give up since I still believe that I can make another glorious trades just like in past years. In my first 6 months I was able to make good earnings and withdrew them. But slowly I lost them all in the next couple months, due to my own mistakes. I was focusing myself to many things at once, made me lost all the necessary concentration.

    Well, I did not remember how much exactly I gained from my old account but for this one, here is my total result which includes Profit, Credit, Deposit, and Withdrawal amount. This account is also my current account now, to trade with Forum bonuses.

    Lessons to remember :
    1. Always trade with confidence,
    2. Trade based on your own analysis first,
    3. Do things that only you can do best,
    4. Use your time wisely as it is very valuable,
    5. Remember who you are and what is your goal here.

    I think that is all about my own post of my story here with my profitable and loss trades. About time, all I can say is that we must use it wisely since it is our life. Once we lose our time, we lose our life slowly.


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    Very very thanks roboforex forum admin to gives us a chance to share our profitable trades. That encourage us to make more profit and work on forum with our full attention. I join this business recent and my progress in start is very good because I learn myself this trading. I join forum and learn their all things about trading and with post of forum and I also work same time on demo to improves my skills. Then I open a account with roboforex and get their welcome bonus that increase my capital and I start this business with making small profit first. Then after do some trades my confident level is increase and I make some big profit also. Here below i share my first accoun snaps of making profit with very low investment.

    Then after that I get forum bonus 20 dollars and make 90 dollars profit with that little investment within a week. that is my best trading ever in my life. This forum gives me not only some bonuses also gives me trading knowledge that really help me in trading and I make some small profit. this is start of my career in forex. In future I must earn some big profit in this business and become a successful trader, my career is always with roboforex. here below my forum account bonus profitable trades.

    The above forum bonus account in which one month I make big profit the December bonus I lose all because I want to make big profit on ly in one trade. Its result is that I lose all of it. I did not share that screenshot because its shows only lose trades.
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    Share your profit - Sascha

    Hi there all beloved members and Forum staffs

    In this opportunity, I’d like to share you all my story of trading with RoboForex. I can only share the account of my bonus made by posting here because I never use my own fund to trade yet. It’s like I still have the curiosity to trade and make money with no risk.

    I’m using Fix Cent account, with number of 3079969 and been using it for more than 6 months till now. This was the new account since my previous one was achieved due to inactivity of trades, I was vacuumed for weeks due to another job beside forex. Here are my story of experience.

    Account number : 3079969
    Account type : Fix Cent, swap
    Leverage : 1:1000
    Trading style : News trading
    Time frame : H4 to Daily
    Pair : EURUSD only
    Orders : Direct execution, no pending orders
    News to focus : US and Euro Nations only

    1st Screenshot

    Well, when I started to re enter the business on May 2016, my performance wasn’t really good and it was worse. I never made any satisfying trades and all of them due to my lack of trading skills. See that the bonus was canceled due to stop loss of bonus. I admitted I was so bad.

    2nd Screenshot

    Another red stories, failures keep continued and the amount of losses were getting bigger from time to time. My fundamental analysis went all wrong and market always went to different angle against my analysis. Even till now, I still lost them all of my bonuses amount. It hurts to feel this way too often.

    3rd Screenshot

    This is my whole detailed statement which I took the screenshot of my account, this account from May 2016. No good profits at all but only red armies stroke my barracks of bonuses in my account. So sad.

    4th Screenshot

    Finally, this is the last piece of my detailed statement that shows the drawdown level of my account. The graphs show descending performance shows my increased losses from time to time.

    I think it’s enough for me to share this experiences. I’m sorry it should be the profitable trades that I share here, but I don’t have the records of them since my old accounts were all achieved and inactive for reasons. I hope that this can help other traders improve themselves to get better than before. Make me as an example and don’t follow my footsteps.

    Thank you RoboForex.

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    Hi its me Adeel Akhtar and I am working with robo forex for many years and it is always pleasure for me to share my trading life experiences with robo forex as it is the best broker I ever found in my life. In this thread I am going to show you the my profit which I made with forum bonus in my fix cent account. Robo forex is the best broker and also it is facilitating us many contest and championship towards the traders success.

    Account number : 3030899
    Account type : Fix Cent,
    Leverage : 1:1500
    Trading style : News trading
    Time frame : 30Mto Daily
    Pair : EURUSD only
    Orders : Direct execution, no pending orders
    News to focus : US and Euro Nations only

    I am attaching the two screen shot of my last month trading. I am really happy and want to support the robo forex with my screen sharing of my profit which I am just making through the robo forex.

    1st screen shot of my trading.

    fix cent dp 1.jpg

    2nd screen shot of my trading.

    fix cent dp 2.jpg

    Demo-Contest screen shots.

    1585020-con Demo-Contest 1st screen shot.

    demo account 1.jpg

    1585020-con Demo-Contest 2nd screen shot.

    demo account 2.jpg
    Those who runs only they win the race of life.

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    iNTRODUCTION : Hello everyone my name is Senorita and am about to share my trading profits. It's been a good opportunity for me right here to talk about my trade and the chance I have to make myself some profits which helps me to stay independent if my own.

    Account number: 5169606
    Account type: Pro cent
    Leverage : 1:500
    Trading style: Swing.

    Forex have been a wonderful experience for me and right here in this business you win sometimes and sometimes you loose. The forum bonus have helped me come up with good trading capital which helped me to trade forex. Trading have developed me and sometimes you understand that the more you are into this business the more you get to improve.

    I started trading on my own as of last year June - July and I was introduced to forex by mentor who guided me properly on how to trade good and become my own boss. Since then I have made profits and I have also made losses too. This is the best trade so far and if one will understand the means to earn well he or she will be able to trade and earn good always.

    For my loss I have made losses which made me improve on my mistakes and look forward to have a better trading.

    For my profits right from last year to this moment I have been able to make 441$ money which I withdraw through my neteller account. It could be little for some but as a lady it have helped me more in solving my needs which is okay for me. I have my trading history to share which you could see how much I have been able to withdraw as profits.

    1st screenshot :

    2nd screenshot:

    Last screenshot:

    So far I look to improve better this year as I look to make much more than what I made last year. It's good am sharing my profits and sure I will be motivated to do more better.

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    I did not earn any big amount from my account that I open first time of forex business but I make some profit with that little investment. I know only how to place trade and close it because I am new in this business. I share my account posts that small profit but that is big for me because without any knowledge I make some money first time in forex.

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    I make awesome profit with only 45 dollars investment in my account. you can see that I make more then 100 profit within two weeks that is my career big achievement,
    This is my career in forex best trades that I make and win a big profit. The main thing is that roboforex meta trader platform are awesome. my trades open and closed where I want and that is reason a good order execution is help me earn that big profit.

    In above screen shot my start with roboforex and forex trading with real trading account is very good. My trading is good that is reason I make profit every of my trades. I withdraw my money every day when I make some profit because I fear to lsoe it in trading. I want to make a sum that I again invest in my account because if we have big capital then we can easily make big money in this business.

    I lose all of my money in two trades because I take big risk then and make a very wrong trade because I trade that time against the trend. I think now market is move reverse because its moves so much on trend side and now its on condition overbought. Marget gives a fake reversal view on that day and I open a trade with following that and after that my loss is start. I think market is reverse about some pips movement but market is moves so much against me and my all investment is goes into loss. I never forget my that mistake to trade against the trend and also without any stop loss that is my second mistake I do in my trading. I never get help to like others traders because I am a girl. If I have some professional traders friend then I must make more profit with help of them. I join roboforex forum community with that concept to make some friends and see all the things that help me in my trading. I am happy to see that roboforex gives us opportunity to share our work and profit that we earn after big effort.
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