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    i like to see this profits it is a good thing to share the profits so i am so happy to see traders here make profits and it may be so nice for me as a beginner trader so i will share my trades so and my profits also yo courage all beginner trader to make profits and to show how Roboforex is a great broker .

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    First I want to say thank you to roboforex forum Admins who provide this great contest for us. We really want to share our experience and see other members experience who make big profit in their trading. We can take help from them in our trading to follow their tips. here below some of my account profitable trades screenshots.

    I shared here some of my profit that I make when I start work with roboforex company. I find this because of my friend that is work on roboforex from previous 2 years and he tell me this broker is awesome and its trading platform withdraw all things are very fast and never he get any regret from them. Then I make a account 3 month before and start my work on it and I find that my friend is all things that he tell me true. I start with good profit in this business and easily withdraw my profit. I make mistakes that every one do when he or she make profit. Then I lose my all investment after that I take a break and learn again this business jo join webinars and now I join this forum for some learning purpose. That help me while I work on my trading. I want to start again my trading with better way but I do not know that what mistake I do that is reason a big loss in my account. This thing is always embarrassed that I make good profit but what happen I lose all of my account investment. I want now to learn first some tips and strategies from this forum that help me and encourage me in my trading. In that way may be I avoid my mistakes of trading that result loss in my trading. Roboforex is best learning forum that is reason I join it. Now I make effort to learn and post here if I have any doubt or problem that members can solve for me. Thank you
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    Hello , first of all thanks for this good contest.
    this year end was not good for me actually , i have invested money but got loss , i will share 2 accounts details here i tried my best but i got loss, this was because of my some bad management and bad experience because i tried some new strategy, i was long term trader but i used scalping for more strategy learning..
    First Account where i am trading currently
    i invested here 100$ and i thought i will increase equity with time and will make huge, but because of bad management i lost all capital, first i lost 80% capital but i recovered but again i lost all capital, but i am trading to recover loss slowly.
    this account is of forum bonus+ real investment
    i don't know why but this account was good in profit also, i have lost capital but also earned so i think it was good rather then other some accounts like copyfx, in one account i also invested 500$ but lost all, in forum bonus account my trading was good then other

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    ACCOUNT TYPE: Pro-Cent
    LEVERAGE: 1:1000
    STRATEGY: Scalping and Swing

    REMARKS: This is a new year with new surprises from this great company truly, and i am using this opportunity to appreciate all the brain behind this contest at the earliest stage of this year, I am so glad and proud of it. Also, i would like to thank the roboforex company itself, Admin, the moderators and others that have being making roboforex and this forum great, you have done so well, thank you.

    And being with roboforex since 2014 is never a thing of regret to me, I had gained lot from them, and they have also given me the best opportunity to trade with the best trading environment, and with the greatest transparency and guidance ever seen in the industry. Ever since i started with this company, i have not had an issue with my withdrawal, because the beauty of every trader is to have their withdrawal requires processed, and i have always count on this roboforex company on that, they are always up and doing, they are always giving me what they have promised me, so i really love roboforex with their integrity in their work dispensation.

    MY PROFITS: Profits, Profits, Profits, i love the sound of that. It is not good for traders to be trading, and have nothing to show for it, this is so discouraging and frustrating. It took me almost 9 months of starting trading with roboforex before i made my first withdrawal, and i did not give up, i know that there is something good about the forex trading, and i can still get it through the roboforex, that was why i stayed and learned more about this business to be a better traders, and make money with it.
    And after some while, profits were coming, and withdrawals follow, and the pictures below shows the success of my profits with the evidence of withdrawing it successfully with roboforex:

    PROFITS 1.jpg

    PROFITS 2.jpg

    PROFITS 3.jpg

    I actually made it only three pictures to avoid it being overcrowded, because it is not about the showing of the profits and losing trades, but the showing of the proof of your withdraw itself, this is what i can really term to be the profits of a trader. And if you could see it clearly, in all of my trades, if the profits and the losing trades were calculated together, i still have a profits of $420.64, this is never a bad one for any retail trader, and i am glad that it is with the roboforex that all this is happening.

    LAST WORDS: I will keep on being better in all what i am doing in the market, and i believe that my profits with roboforex this year would be better than all the years i had worked with them combine.
    Also, i would like to admonished the roboforex company to keep on with the good works they are doing, i really respect you so much, and i wish you all the best in all your future doings. Thank You So Much, Once again, Thank You.
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    good idea

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    debian - Contest "Share your profit!"

    Hello friend forum all

    On this occasion I will share profits so far for the contest themed "share your profit." in this case I manage three accounts and will share the profit that I get:

    1. Account Number 3092418 | CopyFx fix-Cent

    2. Account number 3019895 | Bonus Account Post

    3. Account Number 2704573 | CopyFx Pro-Standard

    Common Take a looks:

    1. Account Number 3092418 | CopyFx fix-Cent

    First, let me start from the account number 3092418 | CopyFx fix-Cent, I manage this account for more than 4 months. up and down the draw dawn I already did, so far i has felt a very nice service from Roboforex broker through the facilities of CopyFx, everyone is worth trying this facility, I recommend. below I show some results profit from this account:

    2. Account number 3019895 | Bonus Account Post

    I can not deny I also use bonus account to desire has income from the forex business. I had been start using this account again was active in here about the month of September 2016 to this moment. I am grateful my bonus account not get a stop-out till now , I will share screen shoot profit from this bonus account. lets see :

    3. Account Number 2704573 | CopyFx Pro-Standard
    The last is an account number of 2704573 , it is very difficult to grow in managing for this account, but somehow I've also get profit from this account, This is a screen shoot :

    debian CopyFX . Shows the rating :
    #3092418 Fix-Cent ratings || # 2704573 Pro-Standard ratings

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    The results of the contest "Share your profit!"

    Contest winners*:

    1st place - 60 $ - rehmat
    2nd place - 50$
    - kul
    3rd place - 40 $
    - paul2
    4th place - 35 $
    - Azis Muslim
    5th place - 30 $
    - vala
    6th place - 25 $
    - smtrader
    7th place - 20 $
    - Sascha
    8th place - 15 $
    - debian
    9th place - 15 $
    - silverlady
    10th place - 10 $
    - adeelyaz

    During the determination of the winners the board of moderators take into consideration such factors as:

    1. The quality of the post.
    2. The number of the left "Thumbs up!" in the post.

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum bonuses.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!

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    Got the 4th position is enough. I guess I can not win against people who have a lot of friends here to get their thumbs up on my content. Quantity of thumbs can beat all the creativity and qualities of a content, no offense.

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    Thank you roboforex forum. I feel awesome now to win this prize. I am happy you are encourage to your members to establish these type contests. Again thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul2 View Post
    Thank you roboforex forum. I feel awesome now to win this prize. I am happy you are encourage to your members to establish these type contests. Again thank you.
    we really appreciate your effort, thank you.

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