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Thread: New photo contest: "Everywhere with RoboForex"

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    New photo contest: "Everywhere with RoboForex"

    The administrator announces the start of a new photo contest by moderators "Everywhere with Roboforex"!
    All you have to do is post a photo with the company logo in an unusual place.
    Then complete your post a little description of where the photo is made and describe other interesting places where you had to trade or to write posts on the forum.

    Terms of the contest:
    Contest is held between January 20 and February 02, 2017.
    Results will be announced – February 3, 2017.
    Prizes will be transferred - February 4, 2017.

    Conditions of the contest:
    1. Create a theme with photos where are you with our company logo RoboForex.
    To do this, you can print our logo on a sheet of paper or use a laptop on the screen which will be a corresponding image.
    The more unusual your photo, the higher the chances of success. If you can not post a photo of your face, you can hide behind the logo.
    2. Add description of the place where it was made.
    3. Add a small description of the places where you have been and at the same time trading or write posts on the forum.
    4. Theme of the description is created in the same competitive section. Title is indicated as follows: "Your nickname on the forum" - Everywhere with Roboforex.
    5. Your photo must be of good / high quality.
    6. Review should be the author, any copy-paste is not allowed. Subject containing copy-paste, to be removed and can not take part in the competition.
    7. Every member can create only one topic.

    Determination of winners:
    The winners will be chosen by the participants created the most complete and qualitative description of their trading day.

    When assessing the contestants will be considered:
    1. Originality and creativity of the photo.
    2. Completeness of description.
    3. User activity theme of the contest participant.
    4. The number of abandoned "thumbs up" in the subject line.


    1st place - 105 $
    2nd place - 90$
    3rd place - 80 $
    4th place - 60 $
    5th place - 50 $
    6th place - 40 $
    7th place - 30 $
    8th place - 20 $
    9th place - 15 $
    10th place - 10 $

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

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    Congratulations to the winners..

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    Glad to be one in the winner's list. Congratulations to all winners here, cheers to you all guys

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    So honored to be a winner of this competition. Congratulations to every winners and thanks to roboforex for this contest. We all made it.

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