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Thread: Comments on the contest "Forex Nostradamus"

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    First of all I am very thankful to this forum admin that he is starting such a great contests here which will give every trader much knowledge and experience to every member of this forum regarding forex I am no taking participants in contests right now but happy for other traders.

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    Brother I am not joining contests right now but in near future I will join all contests and I think contests are very good for every trader specially for new traders its very helpful because it create good confidence in new traders and they become good experience too in forex.

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    I think this forum contests are very good for everyone I am very new trader and soon I will also start to join contests because learning is better than earning in this market and I want to suggest all new traders then you all should also join contests its best for our learning.

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    Well, Forex Nostradamus is a very popular contest and also a great gift for the trader from Roboforex.And it is not so difficult to win the just need to follow the rules and publish the right forecast.Then you may win the contest.It can also help you to develop your strategies in trading.

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    well the contest is very best for us because here we can win sum type of assignment and work to continue in our live trade , so most thank full to Robo Forex is best service to give us on a Forex contest that is very benefit for new trader and get chance to win a smart money .

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    Participating in any contest is also a part of our learning. I appreciate it and try to join this contest. With my little knowledge yet this contest seems to me more harder to understand and win. But I like it and I have the intention to join in this contest after becoming expert.

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