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Thread: How to robot/EA use in MT5 terminal ?

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    this is really a good platform to use.this is the upgraded version of meta trader 4.all the settings are same as meta trader 4.meta quotes is a really great platform who used trading tools.this is an open source platform where we can write code for our expert adviser and also can make custome indicators.mt4 and mt5 codes are different mean we cannot use mt4 ea in mt5.
    I know that almost everything on the MT4 and MT5 are the same thing, that is the reason for me not paying more attention to MT5 when i know that MT4 can do everything it can do for me. The way the expert advisor are working with the two platforms are same but it is with little changes which makes the traders who can write forex program on the two platform will be able to do the modification.

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    Almost everything about mt4 and mt5 are the same i guess because mt5 is built exactly the way mt4 is build the only difference is that some new features where added in mt5 so if you no how to use robot or expert advisor in mt4 you will be able to use robot and expert advisor in meta trader 5 as well cause this two terminal are almost the same.

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    You just can not do that simply MetaTrader 5's expert advisor differs with MetaTrader's Expert Advisor. MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor using the +++ programming language. MetaTrader5 Expert Advisor using C programming language So, when expert advisor MetaTrader 4 applied smoothly, it can not be opened in MetaTrader 5. This is very different language program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azaharul View Post
    How could I setup EA in MT5 terminal?
    I am manual trading on MT4 terminal. I want use a robot in MT5 terminal. Please describe about robot / EA using method in MT5.
    If you have downloaded an EA or Indicator, you must go to File> Open data folder> MQL5 and copy the .ex5 file to the "Experts" or "Indicator folder. EA or your Indicator will appear in the" Navigator "menu. Alternatively, you You can also download and add it to the "Market" tab on the right side of the platform.

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    Expert advisor in meta trader 5 is different with expert advisor in meta trader 4. Expert advisor in meta trader 4 using C++ programming language
    meta trader 5 is not different from the usage of it in meta trader 4 but the same expert advisor will not work on both of them because each meta trader is different in its programming

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