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Thread: How to create new templete in MT4 ?

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    How to create new templete in MT4 ?

    I have attached screenshot below.We are not use only one indicator.We are using multi indicators in one pair currency chart and we need analysis multi currency pair. So, owner template is essential for us.
    Attachment 17442

    Attachment 17443
    Attachment 17444
    Attachment 17445
    Attachment 17446
    Attachment 17447
    Attachment 17448

    If you need more help ,don't hesitate comment me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameeh View Post
    creating of a new template is a good option in the meta trader and so the trader can create templates as he wants, the trader can trade with the templates he created after saving of it and so this will save steps and time for apply of the strategy of trading each time, the trader can use his template any time he wants to practice or trade.
    I have not like new template trade for our trade because everyone know that we can waste our time to make new template and after make it we can hardworking to understand it for our trading business. But if we can use old trading template then we can easily trade and make good money from this way.

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