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    Can I have your password investor? So that I can see that you using this expert advisor at your real account. I really hardly to believe with expert advisor although them , the expert advisor can help our works in market, but manipulate can happen. I try to far from that. Hopefully you can show what I ask to you till I can believe later. Thanks you

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    the best way to enjoy any kinda robot while trading the market is to have a good understanding on how to program robot,if we have a good understanding on how to program robot then we might be able to adjust the robot and fine turn it to better used that we can earn with it.

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    Although I am new to this field So I have to know more about this robotic kind of field But I personally think that the skills and experience always polished by our own working So if we want more work to done or wants to get better results ,we should work by our own will but some responses showed the positive side of this work and it may be a good thing

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    I see the result is very good with green color about pips. But fully automated trading is quite risky because it could make a huge loss. I have experience that lost thousand of dollars overnight because of software glitch in the EA. This is EA good trading performance but doesn't mean can always survive when finding market conditions, especially if without a stop loss in all transaction.
    Trade with your eyes and not trading with what you wish impossible

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    To practice our expertise and trading experience on Forex market, it is best to trade manually. Because some money can help you earn money, someone can help you to destroy your account so you will be able to know when and how to manage the account, personally I do not recommend using EA because I've lost my money and everything Has gone.

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