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Thread: How might we see the genuine market in any case

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    forex trading is a genuine business but as a trader it we that will make it good for us if we acquire better knowledge to trade the market,forex is based on analysis on the market and when we have good knowledge on the market we can surely make gunuine income on the market when we are trading.

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    I wonder what you mean when you say 'genuine market'... Should there be a single price for a single instrument at a given moment? What you see in the terminal or what large market makers trade over their channel is anyways a trade between two parties using negotiated immediate exchange rate. An averaged rate can be obtained soon afterwards and this is what volatility providers deliver to you, I guess.

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    the best way to see the market genuinely is by dedicating our early stage as a trader to learning and understanding how trading work,if we have a good understanding on how to trade forex then we might be able to earn from the market as well.

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    The market is genuine and as a good forex trader you will be able to trade in this market and make good money, the problem is with some broker because some broker are not regulated and might make things not work well for traders, we need to join a broker only when we have make some good research and no about the broker how reliable the broker is first.

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    One of the most genuine market i have ever seen online that is well organize to stand the test of time is Forex trading.I may not about some other businesses available online but i can boldly talk about Forex that its a good market with financial regulations commissions.The opportunity offered here is awesome because you can make as much as you want without any limit so far you have the right skill and strategy to work it out.

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    The forex market is not a centralized market like the stock or futures so the market data we see might be different from what other people are seeing. The market is too large to be centralized because it span across the globe. But with an ECN account, there is more transparency that the stp account, becaise ECNs have exchange like trading experience.

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    When a forex trader is making arrangement for his trading journey then he must go throughout his proficient progression regarding trading activities here. Without efficient use of trading systems and tools no foreign currency exchange trader can think of gaining a secured and extended trading journey in this challenging field of forex market. Of course, every forex trader may have several limitations which he needs to evade in trading voyage.

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