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    FX Correlation EA

    Today will be discussing about Currency Correlation strategy trading.

    Each currency has a certain correlation with other currency pair which can vary from +100% to -100%

    Example : EURUSD--USDJPY correlation varies from +80% to -100% mostly it moves in negative region.

    Attachment 17148

    Now depending upon correlation one can hedge those pair to reduce risk & exposure.

    Example : BUY -- EURUSD BUY -- USDJPY

    now wait for collective profits from both trades to reach certain profits level like for 0.01 Lot one can target a profits of 2.5$ atleast

    Attachment 17149

    and you can see results are great.

    Attachment 17150
    Attachment 17151
    Attachment 17152

    One may select pairs such as EURUSD--USDCAD, GBPUSD--EURGBP, USDJPY--EURJPY

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    Is this talking about EA? I don't see where is the EA being attached here.

    This is a good idea to make the EA based on pairs correlation, but I think you should add a currency strength monitor indicator in this kind of EA.
    If not, then it's just a joke. Let we see what happen if something undesirable happens.

    As you talking about, suppose we trade buy on EUD/USD and USD/JPY, then what will happen if USD and JPY both are stronger than USD..., we will loss on both trades...
    I have trades this correlation pairs manually with two pairs correlation and also I've trade three pairs correlation too.

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    In my opinion that currency correlation should not be done by expert advisors but it should be done manually because this will be more safe because correlation does not work successfully all time and so the expert may open wrong trades and this will lead to loses and but if the trader does it manually then this will be better because he will analyze the market first.

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    I think Correlation EA is awesome to utilize if the dealer is concerned allow along these lines, on the grounds that we will have the capacity to get comes about that are more secure and will positively be better, exchanging utilizing Correlation EA will for the most part entirely precluded agent since it would trouble the server intermediary, so on the off chance that we defied that norm, the benefit of the exchange we can not we pull stores.

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    Your supported pair is very good for connecting. I see, the result of your attachment screenshot result is very good profit by relation But, I do not know why this pair is creating relationships. Is this for lifetime? If it is not, then the transaction related to us is very risky. I follow the relationship with the business through time frame analysis. For example, when I was ready to trade in EUR / USD, I also analyzed USD / CFF pfiss.

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