can you trading for your living or you still loss money ?
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Thread: can you trading for your living or you still loss money ?

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    Question can you trading for your living or you still loss money ?

    we know that Forex market is a good source to make money so can you trading to be alive or you are still loss you money and can you depend on the Forex market only to make money ??

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    No i will make the some profit in the forex trading now and i think with the passage of time i will be able to make the consistent profit in the forex trading and make the good money in the forex trading so i think with the experience we manage the trading well.

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    I can certainly trade forex as a fulltime job to indeed earn a good living. It does not matter if a new trader got some loss or even margin call, for as long as the trader is determined to continue to learn and work hard, enventually that trader will be an expert who can easily earn a living from forex.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Currently I wouldn't say I have the potential to trade forex as the only source of income,but as time goes by ill be able to accomplish such level of trading forex as a full time business.

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    Yes i am trading for my living and i don't loss any thin yet, my luck is going with me and i am still in the position to earn money, because i do not invest money yet and i do not take a risk on my account that why i do not loss any thing yet and i am very happy from strategy

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    It is not easy to get used to the market, i am still trading and gets some loses in my trades at times, but i must admit that i am a better forex trader. Except for the management of one`s self that i need to work better about, with this, i can get more money and be very happy about my trading for life.

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    I am doing trading since 2010 and now i can earn some good money and now i can be depended only on forex. this is very best business and very profitable business.. but i am not a perfect trader and now i want become a expert in this business.. therefore i am learning more about forex...

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    When i was a new trader i loose some money in starting.But with time passing by i have become experienced and expert Forex trader.After having knowledge about forex i have been making profit on a consistent basis.Now i am fully depended on forex and earn a lot of money for my living.Now it is east to involve in market and earn money.

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    A new trader looses money easily but as with passage of time after a lot of experience and patience a trader can make money easily and effectively.Forex traders can fully depend on forex as it is a very good source of income and even easy too.So a traders should always try to learn more and more from forex trading.Because the better you learn the more you earn.

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    I am grateful to be trading to meet the needs of my life though I often also experience a stop out in forex trading. When I'm not having capital, I get a bonus from the broker's forum so I can get profit from the bonus. So I also thanks to the many forums broker because the bonus is I can use well in seeking profit.

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