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Thread: Questions and answers on the contest "Trade Day"

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    my account contest trade day 2487782 .but now invalid account and can not enter to account 2487782.error invalid account.

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    hi like to know the day time trade when it start and end in +2GMT TIME SOUTH AFRICA

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    The “Trade Day” contest is held weekly and involves only demo accounts. Each competition starts on Wednesday, at 12:00 p.m. (server time), and finishes at the same time on Thursday.
    It‘s the time of our trading server. Server time is Eastern European Time (EET). It is displayed in your terminal and on our website.

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    In the past I have been ranked in this contest.

    what I'm asking is when can I take part in this contest again?

    Thank you

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    I won 366th competition of the Trade Day contest below my details

    contest acc no : 2539516
    real acc no : 5082086-Pro-Standard-2
    win prize $50
    Rank 9

    i didn't received my prize yet

    i attached proof

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    Anyone knows if there is a limit on the Bonus Prize Withdrawal limit?
    For example if i win a $50 Trading Bonus, can i withdraw any profit i achieve or the max profit i can make is $50 (equal to the Bonus Trading Prize)?
    Asking this because i couldn't find any answer about it in the FAQ section.

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