Debian Trading Journal - Maximum results with simple trading? why not !
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Thread: Debian Trading Journal - Maximum results with simple trading? why not !

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    Debian Trading Journal - Maximum results with simple trading? why not !

    I will Try to make a trading journal to prove with simple trade can get maximum result, i am also will update as long as i can, Here we go my trading journal description :

    My trading style

    Actually My trading style is Day Trade, its mean i am just wait and see if there any good signal by using Bigger Time Frame ( more than Hourly time frame)

    My trading method

    My methods in my trading with a simple strategy , that is just use daily pivot , support and resistant , and also to identify of trend i am using CCI indicator with standard setting and hourly until weekly time frame , just simple look if there Over bought or Over sold its mean there are good signals for entry position

    My money and position management rules

    This time to train my money management as a regular basis and consistent, so that my trading is more focused and more carefully. In here I will be using the rule of money management as follows:

    Lot size: my balance divided by 10000, it mean if my balance is $ 100 then I just use 0:01 lots size.
    Order : I am just one trade in one time, not place for over trading or multiple trade in once time
    Safe ways trade : For this i need for Stop loss at every my trade to safe ways in my trade, not for martingale, averaging, Locking, Hedging or Even Cut loss

    My objectives:

    I want to prove for my selves , if trade just in simple methods can give maximum result , while so far I lack discipline to use it and always want to look for another system

    That all , Good luck for every one

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    1. Friday my first order.

    I am taking for pending order at support level1, the reason is price has go down and has touch at support level 1

    TP at resistance level 2
    SL at daily pivot


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    My Fist Order has touch my take profit and profit in 54 point

    2. Short on EUR/USD
    For today I has take an order as short at EUR/USD the reason the price has break at daily resistance level 2 and expected the price will go down, but in the reality its unexpected thing the price has goes to up, maybe its effected by high impact news then My SL was touched then after that the price as my prediction move to down, its so hurt My SL 33 point has touched .


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    I am forget about my journal, and now it is time to update, :

    3. 30th October and 31st October i am take two order for short in GBP/USD Pairs,

    well i am so lucky i get My Take profit as My analysis

    Last week I am get 177 for green pips but i am also get -33 for My SL. by the ways its good progress for my motivation to get better . .

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    4. This week i am just take one position for short position in GBP/USD

    With that analysis i was got 90 points

    Report this week just take Profit 90 point

    and the total with last week 144 + 90 = 234 Point

    I hope i can be consistent like this, no matter how small profit that has got but i will try my best for discipline

    Anybody can monitoring my demo account for this journal at an account :

    Login : 5497625

    Investor : nc0nefc (read only password)

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    5. Take For long in GBP/USD Pairs

    Reason the price has move down until break daily resistance 3 line, My prediction price will be retrace until resistance 2 area. so i am setting the lower candle as support for Stop loss at 1.5853 and set at 1.5935 as My take profit


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    Your balance divided by 10000 is very huge thing to trade, the money on the account must be very great to get you the profits that you will satisfied about. I hope the signal is much to get mini profits on this too. There are trades that say there account is divided by 10 for each risks, they still complaining that money is not flowing better.

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    This system shoudld fit traders that has great investments, not the retail traders like me. I believe that it will work, but what about the so much reduction in the money management of this strategy, this makes it very hard for retail traders to take money from. It will not e able to pain for internet connection, not to talk of more trading for the bills.

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    Previous day i am not focus and get some loss cause i am lacking of discipline , now i am starting again with clear mind to hope can discipline .

    6. Take a short in GBP/USD


    From picture at above i am take a buy cause there are strong resistance and i am setting Take Profit in daily pivot point and Set of stop loss in daily support 2

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    Can be traded with simple to achieve good results but somewhat important to know because the analysis of the analysis is I do not see that he could be traded successful and important to learn how to manage your money well organized and the use of stop loss

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