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Thread: SAP automated system (discussion thread)

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    SAP automated system (discussion thread)

    Hello traders:
    this will be the thread for questions and discussion about all SAP experts,
    Now we posted the first expert in 5 versions to get the best version between then to trade with it or even to back it again to the programmers.

    we almost have 5 EAs one is ready and called EMA and you can see a full details for 10 pairs daily at this thread

    the reports is posted 2 times per day after the American session then after the Asian session.

    this experts is under testing and once it become ready then it will be available for every one to trade for free so don't hesitate to tell us what you think and how we can improve the performance of this experts.

    EMA expert is just a simple expert that open a trades according EMA cross between EMA5 and EMA10, we determined the take profit and stop loss according to an indicator called SAP support and resistance which try to get the last top and bottoms on the chart.

    do any one have another idea to enhance it?

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    Robo forex trading is only best when we have a big capital to invest or we have extra money to invest online but if we have very less money to invest in this business then I think I will choose only manual trading rather than automated trading system I not want to make money first in forex my aim is to become a good learner right now.

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