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Thread: naeem555's copy fx

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    naeem555's copy fx

    Trader: naeem555
    Forum nickname: naeem555
    Account number: 2824914
    Server name: RoboForex-Pro
    Account type: CopyFx Pro-Standard
    Leverage: 1:1000
    Budget: 162.00 USD

    Offer description:

    Offer scheme: Trader without commission
    Add date: 28 November 2016 09:45:35
    Start date: 28 November 2016 09:45:35
    End date: 27 December 2016 00:00:00
    Risk level: Medium

    Pie size: 100 USD
    Trading strategy: Scalping, Short term, long term

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    Quote Originally Posted by sekiryutei View Post
    I won't say you are wrong. But if you get a larger ammount of money to be managed, you need to properly manage it and put some percentage of your portfolio in safer place no matter what. There is no way to tell what happen nest in trading even if you trade with 1:10 leverage too. For example, the crash in USD/CHF because of sudden peg removal makes it drop 20 percent.
    UCHF pair after a bullish move for several days, it seems that today the buyer starts losing his energy, the upside opportunity is still there, it just seems the buyer starts to doubt, so it is likely that today there will be a sideway at the UCHF, although the opportunity signal is bullish, currently the position responsibility price, is in the middle between daily support and resistance

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    Usd chf is still bullish, I am still surprised why this pair has refused to fall, the dollar is not weak for now so the usd chf has continued to climb up, I know when it crossed the 1.0000 psychological barrier, I was thinking that price would reverse and trade below this level but unfortunately my thinking was wrong, now that price has reached 1.0115, there is still chance it won't retrace soon but keep climbing.

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