cAlgo indicator - size of the resulted files
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Thread: cAlgo indicator - size of the resulted files

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    cAlgo indicator - size of the resulted files


    I've got the following question/problem. I'm developing indicators which reference my web communication library - i.e. MyConnect.dll, which on it's turn references couple of other libraries - i.e. A.dll, B.dll, C.dll etc.

    So it looks like this

    Indicator -> MyConnect.dll -> [A.dll, B.dll, C.dll]

    When I'm adding only MyConnect.dll to indicator's references everything compiles just fine. BUT! When trying to create an instance I'm getting the errors like "A.dll cannot be found" etc. So eventually I'm having all DLL-s are added to the indicator's references. So now it's working but the size of algo-file is big - 600K! Why is it so and how it can be decreased?

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    you can find the solution at the forum site itself and also on the other internet sites also if you have more problem contact your brokers support.

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    Hello my friend how much I like these participations because we learn and benefit a new information but why did not give us a more accurate description and explanation of the problem? Perhaps it would have been better to leave us some footage to explain the position better than writing this makes the problem more obvious to solve.

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