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    Contest Rules "Forex Nostradamus"

    The time of the contest
    The “Forex Nostradamus” contest is taking place on continuing non-stop basis and involves only demo accounts.

    How to become a participant of the contest
    1. If you already have Live Account at the RoboForex Company, just open Contest Account.
    2. If you don’t have Live Account at the RoboForex Company yet, you have to register one with the contests option.
    If you’d like to participate in the contests, the following two conditions are compulsory:
    - verification of your Live Account;
    - A nickname at the Company’s official Message Board, which is linked to your Live Account.
    In your Live Account you have to open only one contest account, which will take part in all competitions.

    Terms of participation in the contest
    Initial deposit — $5,000 (initial balance is deposited one minute before the competition starts);
    Stop Out level — 20%;
    Leverage — 1:500;
    Account type — MT4 Demo Fix;
    Trading platform — MetaTrader4;
    Transaction volume is 1 lot;
    No limitations for trading instruments;
    Only pending orders trading with “Expiration Date” option set to 7 days is allowed;
    Participant has to create a discussion thread at the RoboForex Company official message board to publish their forecasts;
    Participant’s forecast has to be published before the placed pending order is executed;
    Participant’s message with their forecast has to include: Investor’s password in case it hasn’t been specified in the previous messages of the thread;
    Ticker of the chosen instrument;
    Type of the pending order;
    Opening price;
    Take Profit;
    Stop Loss;
    Description of the market situation considering the chosen instrument;
    Methods of analysis;
    Screenshot of the terminal window showing the chart of the chosen instrument and placed pending order.
    After that participants are not allowed to edit their messages and modify (or delete) their pending orders.
    The next forecast can be published only after the pending order from the previous one (Take Profit, Stop Loss, Expiration Date) is closed.
    Each participant is not allowed to publish more than one forecast at a time.
    Participants are not allowed to operate different accounts from the same IP address (computer).
    Participants are not allowed to be the members of the same family.
    Participants, who break the contest rules, will be disqualified and will not have the right to claim any prize.

    Prizes of the contest
    1st place — $50.
    The winner is the participant with the most profitable order, closed over the last 24 hours (server time).
    In case the results of several participants are equal, the prize fund is to be shared between them according to their final ranking. The winner is the participant with the most profitable order, closed over the last 24 hours (server time).The prize is to be paid only after a winner after passes the verification procedure of their Live Account at the RoboForex Company. Prize money can be either used to continue trading or withdrawn from the account. To receive the prize, you need to send Contest Moderator at the RoboForex message board a private message, specifying your account number.

    Additional terms
    The RoboForex Company reserves the right to:
    - use any information related to the prize accounts in advertising, publish it on the Company’s website and message board (in the media as well);
    - interview the winners of the competition;
    - check the adequacy of the participants’ registration information;
    - check the server logs and statements of contest accounts;
    - cancel the results (or recalculate the results of transactions) of the participant, who used non-market quotes in the competition (on the basis of technical statement issued by the Company’s Dealing Department);
    - disqualify any participant with no advance notice or without giving any particular reason of disqualification, if the violation of the contest rules on the part of the participant is too obvious;
    - change the contest rules with an advance notice published on the Company’s website of message board.

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    Starting September 2nd, 2013, XAUUSD & XAGUSD will be excluded from the list of the instruments available for trading in the contests.

    All orders in XAUUSD & XAGUSD will be closed compulsorily at 12:01 a.m. (server time) of September 2nd, 2013, their results will not be taken into account when calculating the final ranking of the contest.

    The same will be applied to the forecasts for the above-mentioned instruments: starting August 20th, 2013, the forecasts for XAUUSD & XAGUSD will not participate in the contest.

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