webtrading is another platform for trade, basically webtrader is for who want a simple platform for trade.
this is webtrader problems that I found.
I found that a webtrader is need to refresh sometimes, it's difficult to see price when it's freezes a moment
not like MT4 many brokers have their platform display, it's make me or another people who change broker confuse, and need to learn again, than for me it's waste my time
for who trading with tecnical and usually use indicator, you will find a problem, because indicator on webtrader is not completed and we can't use custom indicator.
for who have a slow connection, it will frustation to just login, I have that experience in Ctrader, when my connection just edge, it take up to 7 minutes just for login.
it will problem when you have a open position, and you want to close but your connection too slow