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    to me there are about 4 problems, one of it...
    1. Requires you to trade with high internet
    2. you have to keep on changing or putting up your settings in the right place.
    but the best thing about it is you can trade from anywhere in the world. there is a version for every trader that can be appened, a number of things, brokers adjust to fit their customers needs or some is to be more attractive

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    Quote Originally Posted by yhuudy View Post
    I found that a webtrader is need to refresh sometimes, it's difficult to see price when it's freezes a moment
    webtrader is always active and online price changes shows every second it's not freezes it my be problem on our browser or internet connection. I never faced that kind of problem on my browser when i'm trading on webtrader. you should also upgrade your browser if you're using chrome or firefox.

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    Using the web trader could be difficult at times. Firstly, because of the poor internet connectivity. The platform seems to consume more data than the mt4 native application and as such requires more traffic than what could be easily handled by a regular Internet provider.
    At times, closing a trade at a desired position could be difficult sue to the lag in connectivity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yhuudy View Post
    webtrading is another platform for trade, basically webtrader is for who want a simple platform for trade.
    this is webtrader problems that I found.
    I found that a webtrader is need to refresh sometimes, it's difficult to see price when it's freezes a moment
    not like MT4 many brokers have their platform display, it's make me or another people who change broker confuse, and need to learn again, than for me it's waste my time
    for who trading with tecnical and usually use indicator, you will find a problem, because indicator on webtrader is not completed and we can't use custom indicator.
    for who have a slow connection, it will frustation to just login, I have that experience in Ctrader, when my connection just edge, it take up to 7 minutes just for login.
    it will problem when you have a open position, and you want to close but your connection too slow
    For your information, the native trading applications do freeze when the internet connection is poor.
    This problem thus is not just peculiar to the web trader.
    Mind you, from my standpoint I feel the web trader should not be seen as a primary tool for trading.
    It is just a quick alternative to traders who do not have instant access to their devices on which their trading app is installed.
    The web trader was designed for those who are away from home or work but need to perform certain actions on their trading account.

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    I think there is no software on the web and no software is available faster than the software. Secondly it is user friendly than the Mt4 trading platform, and you can use it faster than the software, you can use it faster with web trading on the Web, because you do not need to install software and Any place you like And was trading on any computer.

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    Yes you are right wab trader is basically a simple software, there is nothing to use there is only showing currency pairs and graphs you can attach some advice or some other indicators but not a range of products or range of indicators we found on metatrader 4 and metatrader 5.
    but it is really profitable for us because we emergency can login here and we can manage Our trades open or close according to our news our trading techniques it could be any way of trading we can manage there all in webtrader.

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    once i click on link in this forum with roboforex webtrader i login to my account i use too many accounts in roboforex
    there are no probleme here

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