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    Quote Originally Posted by yhuudy View Post
    webtrading is another platform for trade, basically webtrader is for who want a simple platform for trade.
    this is webtrader problems that I found.
    I found that a webtrader is need to refresh sometimes, it's difficult to see price when it's freezes a moment
    not like MT4 many brokers have their platform display, it's make me or another people who change broker confuse, and need to learn again, than for me it's waste my time
    for who trading with tecnical and usually use indicator, you will find a problem, because indicator on webtrader is not completed and we can't use custom indicator.
    for who have a slow connection, it will frustation to just login, I have that experience in Ctrader, when my connection just edge, it take up to 7 minutes just for login.
    it will problem when you have a open position, and you want to close but your connection too slow
    infect this is your internet service problem because if you have slow connection than you will face always this problem. because some times internet disconnected for a seconds or minutes or slow giving some bits and then you will see this problem. this is not a terminal problem.. this is service problem.

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    There is a lot of disadvantages of trading with web trader that's why I prefer to trade with platform than trading with web trader mt4 is the best trading platform to trade with when you trade with web trader your trading won't be that secure and you don't be able to make use of indicator and other strategy that can make trading easy for you.

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    With all these problem you have listed as touching trading on the web , hen I want to believe that we are privileged to be downloading the metal trader to trade at ease on our system, and therefore I prefer trading with downloaded platform because of the advantages of trading easily as we launched it, then no course of refreshing several time.

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    I can simply explain the different problem which I faced while using web trading. Actually meta trading four is very quick and easy one but we trading is slow one. I was also unable to see the current market price as it really takes some time on web trading but on the other hand in meta trading we have fresh and quick price on the chart. We can also see the market watch there.
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    If you have difficulties or problems in the use of webtrading you should be consulting with a broker you use because I own so far has not been so well understood that the actual performance of webtrading that it helps you in touch with your broker cooperation. it is very easy to use due to its easy commands, even new traders can use it after short learning about it.

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    i am not much sure about the web trading problem because i am not being use it yet.i will give a simple solution to do work in smooth way that fist clearify that your account is fully varified if yes then you should try to debug the virus from your computer.i think the majority of the trader have been using meta trader.because they wants to work an easy application.may be you should satisfied from my opinion

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    I have never make use of web trader before so am not too sure of the problem this means will face some times but I no that this trading method is not as reliable as trading with the normal mt4 platform, since we can easily install meta trader in our mobile phone there is no need trading with any web browser.

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    Hi, most of the problems you highlighted above are due to poor internet connection. Get a good internet connection and you will find out that you will enjoy using the web trader platform. Although the web trader consumes more data compared to the mt4, the web trader is user friendly and you can place your trades just like you do with the mt4. And thanks to brokers for the web trader, because it makes it possible for all to traders to trade as long as there is good internet connection.

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    webtrader is good platform but i think it needs good connection to work well with it and it is a problem to work with it in too slow connection and you need to refresh it always, I did not try it before but also other platforms will not work well with too slow connection and you will find a problem with them when you open and close your orders and they will delay both.

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    I think its problem is to really have no internet, there is a lot of poor connection that destroy your trades , when you have poor connection you usually cannot work well, the other part is when you cannot leave your work I mean analysis and later find it, always keep on pushing for new analysis , these is different from trading forex with an mt4 desk top mt4 but again it also depeneds on how fast you are able to analys the market and make some good conclusion, I like mt4 much better than the web version, the other one is , each broker has his own web version and they are different, features and so on but its all in time suppose to make sense, mt4 is universal and no changes are usually made except for the name of the broker

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