1. Topic Title
1.1 The Title Content: Only the name of the trading system. Example: The Bat.
1.2 Prohibited to use words such as:

  • System
  • Strategy
  • Methodology
  • Trading
  • Super
  • Mega
  • Breakeven and so on.

1.3 Punctuation: allowed periods, commas and brackets ; any other characters or symbols are prohibited.

2. The message texts
2.1 First post topics should include:
2.1.1 Data account: account number (login), informer CopyFX.
2.1.2 Strategy Parameters: Indicates the main characteristics of the trading system. For each item in the list are specified the required options:

  • System: trend | pulse | breakout | specify their definition
  • Difficulty: easy | medium | complex
  • Timeframe (TF):M5 | M15 | M30 | H1 | H4 | D1 | W1 | MN
  • Trading pairs: Multicurrency | specify ticker pair (for example: EUR / USD)

2.1.3 Strategy Description: text describing trading strategies volume not less than 250 symbols. In it must be described in details (step by step)all the basic principles of doing business:

  • Opening orders Buy or Sell: it serves as a signal to enter a trade
  • Lot size: the choice is due to the volume of traded positions
  • The levels of Stop Loss, Take Profit: the argument in the case of installation or the reasons for their absence
  • Money Management, Risk management: further explanation and justification of decisions

2.2 Creating recent Topics:
2.2.1 Questions and Discussion: accommodation of readers' questions and Author strategies answers allowed under the existing themes and Rules of the forum.

3. Screenshots
3.1 Number of screenshots in the description of the trading system: at least two.
3.2 Essential elements graphical selection of entry and exit; stop levels, Take Profit, etc.
3.3 Requirements for the screenshots:
  • All screenshots must be in the form of thumbnails (previews - an increase in one click)
  • The width not less than 1018 pixels
  • File formats: .gif, .png
  • The terminal RoboForex

3.4 How to make a screenshot in MT4:

3.5 How to post screenshots in the block:
What should be:

4. Attach – a file that is attached to the sending message
Rules for the attached file:
  • Screenshots in the attachment are undesirable in any format
  • Other files are only allowed in the .rar format

5. Indicators * - description of the indicators used in the system.
Parameters which is marked as * (asterisk) are not compulsory and can be used as needed by the authors.

ATTENTION! Threads made no template, will not take part in the competition.